Trudeau states in interview “social license” trumps Canadian regulatory bodies

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau got exposed badly in a CTV Atlantic interview (see here):

1) At the beginning of the interview Trudeau showed what an intellectual light-weight he is trying to defend his policy of banning pro-choice Liberal MPs

2) Trudeau flat-out lies about open nominations (apx 4:00 mark)

3) Gets trapped unaware on his hypocrisy over pipelines (apx 5:00 mark)

4) Says “social license” cancels out the Northern Gateway pipeline decision made by the Joint Review Panel (apx 5:45 mark)

The worse part for the Liberals is that he had absolutely no clue it happened.



NDP candidate says AB oil sands caused ice storm, flooding, heat wave in Toronto

mulcair cressy

According to NDP’s Joe Cressy, it is now apparently official NDP policy that the oil sands are to blame for any severe weather that occurs in downtown Toronto:

The oil sands are the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, in Canada. And that, said Cressy, is of concern to voters in Trinity-Spadina.

“Climate change, it’s one of the defining issues of our time,” he said.

“People in downtown Toronto talk about it a lot … Climate change is now real here in downtown Toronto. We had this ice storm last winter, we had flooding last summer, we had a heat wave like we’ve never had just a year ago.” (see here)

NDP science!


Cressy was also the one who set up a Commons protest in 2009 and lied about his NDP connections:

The protest was about an NDP private members bill on climate change, called Bill C 311.

You may recall the event, because a large group of protesters were kicked out of Parliament. There were scuffles, injuries and blood.

Some of the bloodied protesters later appeared live on CBC’s Power and Politics.

Cressy was part of the protest and acted as spokesman for the protesters while still on the Hill.

He was later outed as a member of the NDP and a party activist.

At the time, the NDP denied it had anything to do with the protest. (see here)


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