Trudeau states in interview “social license” trumps Canadian regulatory bodies

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau got exposed badly in a CTV Atlantic interview (see here):

1) At the beginning of the interview Trudeau showed what an intellectual light-weight he is trying to defend his policy of banning pro-choice Liberal MPs

2) Trudeau flat-out lies about open nominations (apx 4:00 mark)

3) Gets trapped unaware on his hypocrisy over pipelines (apx 5:00 mark)

4) Says “social license” cancels out the Northern Gateway pipeline decision made by the Joint Review Panel (apx 5:45 mark)

The worse part for the Liberals is that he had absolutely no clue it happened.



16 Responses to “Trudeau states in interview “social license” trumps Canadian regulatory bodies”

  1. Krysta Says:

    I am scared to death that this man will be Prime Minister. All the hard work of the past decade (and of more fiscally conservative Liberals before that) will be for naught.

  2. Liz J Says:

    What’s this, an ad for Playboy? Once upon a mattress? It would be funny if the Liberals weren’t foisting this vacuous twit on the country as PM material.
    He’s scary in his stupidity. He was raised by a socialist/communist and its really showing through the more he talks. The man is a disaster as Liberal leader to this point and he’s not improving.

    What’s to say except wake up Canada!

  3. Jen Says:

    Remember the promise Justin made in an interview with to the irian reporters. He will lift the sanctions on Iran’s nuclears development impose by the conservative gov. The Iranian reporter said to Justin. ” I hope you get a majority (government).
    In fact, one of the reporter had a tape recorder – from this, I gather, that the reporter and Iran will hold Justin to every word. No amount of Canadian unionized reporters will or try to smooth over his words or make up some ridiculous story to save Trudeau’s ass.

    The DANGEROUS PART of it all is that the Canadian media are being played. If they truly care for Canada, Justin Trudeau would have walked the plank a long time along with his arrogance and stupidity. Putin alone will use Justin like a soup strainer.

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    Why the heck is he pushing for this lame brain first, second and third choice in an election? I know they do that in polls which seem to all have him as the choice for Prime minister. Is this like the CBC’s vote compass??
    I am worried that this air head might end up prime minister with the dopers votes…look what happened in Ontario…they elected a Govt. more corrupt then the Liberals in the sponsorship scandal.

    • Jen Says:

      When PM Abbott said about PM Stephen Harper to a bunch of reporters “He(Harper) may not be recognized here(canada), he is recognized by world leaders.” Abbott could not have said clearer. And is correct 100% that PM Harper is not recognized here.

    • Roy Elsworth Says:

      no they don’t last polls had the conservatives tied with or the liberals two points a ahead he is falling in polls baely they were 14 points ahead.

  5. Martin Says:

    George Smitherman, Liberal cabinet minister said something similar at the start of Ont’s disastrous lerch into green energy development. He said cost/benefit analysis as applied to wind energy was trumped by social benefit analysis, Such foolishness convinced McGuinty and his followers to invest billions in useless wind turbine plants, all in rural counties where Liberals have no representation. Many of these McGuinty associates now advise Jr.on energy matters.

  6. Alain Says:

    I cannot stress enough that this empty suit is the Canadian version of Obama, who continues destroying our neighbour to the south. Many of those behind getting Obama into office have also been busy trying to do the same for our man-child. It is the same ideology at work with the foreign funding and hiring of professional protesters in order to kill the development of our natural resources and our national economy. In normal times these actions would rightly be considered act of war.

  7. Sean M Says:

    I despise this breathless blathering moron… the damage this fool would wrought upon the country is too frightening to even think about. Trubozo is constantly contradicting himself using buzz words like “choice” when he’s actually against choice, saying that he trusts Canadians while at the same time saying his party is guided by his Daddy’s dangerously undemocratic Charter… well which is it, do you want to listen to Canadians or do you want to dictate through the imposition of Daddy’s Charter… typical Quebecer speaking out of both sides of his mouth… he literally makes no sense! Nothing but a blathering, well rehearsed actor trying to stick to his nonsensical and hypocritical talking points… he likes bituman going east but not west? WTF?… the guy is a dangerous fool surrounded by other dangerous ideological fools. God help Canada if this anti democratic nutcase gets anywhere near the PMO.

    • tim Says:

      Typical Quebecer? Typical Liberal/Progressive.

      • Sean M Says:

        Typical Liberal/Progressive, Quebecer. “Quebecers ARE better than other Canadians, because we’re like, bilingual or whatever”… Junior Trubozo.

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    Indeed fellow posters, Justin is a middle aged man who like his father never had to work or grow up.
    “He (PT) has an infantile desire to shock” Wife of the American Ambassador.
    See Pierre piroette.
    JT’s connection to us particularly in the west is nonexistant.
    We exist only to provide tax dollars for transfer payments.
    First past the post allows us to chose our government
    allows us to change our government
    Promotes majority governments whether left or right
    Has a built in radical policy negator
    Proportional representation on the other hand;
    promotes multiple parties with radical policies on single issues.
    See the greens/russians/tides/washed up actors/singers
    jet up here and tell us to ride to work on bicycles.
    dilutes the vote deliberately
    promotes coalition governments
    It is the only way radical socialists can get power.
    See Jack Layton make a deal with people who want to destroy Canada, just so he can get a little power
    Prop-by-Rep allows people who could never form a majority government to decide who will govern.
    The Media unfortunately are blatently supporting this travesty they are lefty boot lickers.JMO

  9. Jen Says:

    Justin liberals mps have no rights to vote their conscience. They are all lame ducks in HOC, Yet, those same lame duck mps bitch and complain that the cpc is violating the -get this: ‘the charter rights and freedom.’ uh!

  10. Exiled Maritimer Says:

    Government evolved to coordinate the action of ever larger groups of people and balance the various interests. The population through the government is the source of social license, not unelected, questionably motived pressure groups and their mystery financiers.
    It is amusing to think that, if this twit ever becomes PM, he will begin to realize that he has just reassigned his authority to the mob which, given his control freak motions on abortion and statements on China’s government, is against his authoritarian fantasies. Nice hair though.

  11. Liz J Says:

    The wealthy idiots in the US might want to keep a handle on their own man Obama instead of interfering in our Canadian affairs. What’s sad here too is the media are giving them free publicity wherever they show up with their paid protestors, always the same faces in the act with a few bit players on the side. We need to know the names behind these financiers who would bring down the economy of our country and ban their band of loafers for hire from protesting against the welfare of the country. Non Canadians should be barred entry for this purpose, Canadians who engage against the country’s welfare should be made an example of, we should know who they are and perhaps they’d like to see what it’s like to be in a bread line.

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