CBC silent on Toronto Liberal candidate lying about Harper visiting Lac Megantic

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The CBC did its best today to paint the Conservatives as not telling the truth in their flyer mailed-out in the Vancouver South riding held by Conservative MP Mai Young:

Don MacPherson, the Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition says the confusion over this claim stems from political ideology versus court rulings. 

“It’s a very mixed message to the public. Wai Young’s statement is a political statement, it’s not a factual statement,” he said (see here)

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But when Liberal candidate Adam Vaughan got caught telling a whopper of a lie about PM Stephen Harper (see here):


Crickets of course from the CBC.


CBC reporter omits First Nations group received money to protest pipeline

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In a story by CBC’s Environment Reporter Margo McDiarmid on a protest by the Hartely Bay First Nation against the Northern Gateway pipeline decision:

Members of Hartley Bay First Nation have stretched a 4.6-kilometre long crocheted rope across B.C.’s Douglas Channel in a symbolic blockade of the future path of oil supertankers in northern B.C. (see here)

McDiarmid doesn’t include that as a member of the Gitga’at First Nations, they have received money to protest the Northern Gateway pipeline:

tides gitga'at

I’ve messaged McDiarmid several times but still as of this morning, her story has not been corrected.

In light of the Secretary General of NATO stating Russia is funding eco-groups (see here) it is paramount the public is made aware of who is really behind these protest groups.

Also: See earlier post on my compliant filed against a CP reporter for refusing to include who is funding the Dogwood Initiative here

Update: I’ve now asked McDiarmid if she was aware of this prior to posting her story:

hartley bay

Update: McDiarmid finally responded but refused to answer my questions

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Note the snarky “I don’t obsessively check twitter every 2 seconds” when I’ve been messaging her for two days.

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