CBC reporter omits First Nations group received money to protest pipeline

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In a story by CBC’s Environment Reporter Margo McDiarmid on a protest by the Hartely Bay First Nation against the Northern Gateway pipeline decision:

Members of Hartley Bay First Nation have stretched a 4.6-kilometre long crocheted rope across B.C.’s Douglas Channel in a symbolic blockade of the future path of oil supertankers in northern B.C. (see here)

McDiarmid doesn’t include that as a member of the Gitga’at First Nations, they have received money to protest the Northern Gateway pipeline:

tides gitga'at

I’ve messaged McDiarmid several times but still as of this morning, her story has not been corrected.

In light of the Secretary General of NATO stating Russia is funding eco-groups (see here) it is paramount the public is made aware of who is really behind these protest groups.

Also: See earlier post on my compliant filed against a CP reporter for refusing to include who is funding the Dogwood Initiative here

Update: I’ve now asked McDiarmid if she was aware of this prior to posting her story:

hartley bay

Update: McDiarmid finally responded but refused to answer my questions

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Note the snarky “I don’t obsessively check twitter every 2 seconds” when I’ve been messaging her for two days.


19 Responses to “CBC reporter omits First Nations group received money to protest pipeline”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Great job,keep at it Dean.

  2. Billy Says:

    I find this whole exercise and it’s premise laughable, seeing as the Hartley Bay Band was responsible for spilling 18,000 litres of diesel, some have said substantially more, into Hartley Bay in 2008.

  3. Alain Says:

    We are fortunate to have people like you doing the hard work of exposing this rubbish. I have maintained from the start that not a single protest group making the news in the MSM is grassroots. They are all paid (with foreign funding no less) to be agents provacateurs by foreign enemies of our country. What I always find rich is when Indians claim to be concerned with protecting the environment, since any visit to any reserve will show it to be bogus. The same goes for fishing and hunting, since given the chance they will deplete all the fish and game. They are neither saints nor the devil, but they certainly are not the “noble savages” invented by the Left.

    • Liz J Says:

      They may not be “savages” as they were depicted in folklore and how they fought each other, wiping out entire tribes of their own people. It is savage the way they lay claim to our land and interfere, try to stop the very thing that’s steering our economy from which they stand to gain and get their dole as per ancient treaties from the working, taxpaying people who carved out this country from bush. Taking foreign money to fight the development of our natural resources should be the last straw. Enough already.

  4. Lyndia Says:

    Remember that meeting in Iran by our “noble savages” last year. I don’t really think they were discussing the latest in fishing equipment.

  5. Jen Says:

    ‘I’ve now asked McDiarmid if she was aware of this prior to posting her story’:

    Dean, normally, credible reporters would admit their error or thank you for alert them of findings like this . The longer she takes to response says that she isn’t that interested in the environment to call on the band for their mess.

  6. Liz J Says:

    What a snotty reply from a person who works on our dime. Guess you’ll have to go to a higher desk at CBC to demand this be dealt with. News people are expected to delve for the facts and report them free of tinkering and spin. Until proven otherwise this looks like it’s a purposeful omission, the truth doesn’t fit their agenda, her response is all the proof needed at this point. She’s probably counting you to give up, don’t!

  7. Ken Says:

    Thanks Dean for holding the Media Party to account. While somewhat of topic, here is another significant story the Media Party failed to cover this week:


    Now I wonder why the Media Party spiked this story!! It looks like Justin is offside with Pope Francis not only on abortion but marijuana legalization as well! Pope Francis also condemned public health programs that help drug users keep using drugs – like Insite Vancouver – as being evil! Clearly, the Media Party won’t go within a mile of this story.

  8. Mary Hines Says:

    Am sooo grateful for all “your hard work” exposing the CBC and the media party failure to expose anything negative against the liberals. Their prime objective is to make up part truths against the Conservative Government, anything they can find to bash the Conservatives. They are getting to the point – “you can’t believe one word they say”….

    • BC Blue Says:

      Thank you 🙂

    • Sean M Says:

      I agree with Mary and other posters Dean, thanks for your hard work in exposing the medias perpetual false narratives. You obviously hit a nerve with this CBC creature and her warped dishonest narrative. Would it be past the monumentally low ethical standards and anti Canadianism of the CBC or it’s employees to be taking money from the Russians or other foreign interests ? I personally wouldn’t put anything past these parasites..

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