CBC silent on Toronto Liberal candidate lying about Harper visiting Lac Megantic

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The CBC did its best today to paint the Conservatives as not telling the truth in their flyer mailed-out in the Vancouver South riding held by Conservative MP Mai Young:

Don MacPherson, the Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition says the confusion over this claim stems from political ideology versus court rulings. 

“It’s a very mixed message to the public. Wai Young’s statement is a political statement, it’s not a factual statement,” he said (see here)

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But when Liberal candidate Adam Vaughan got caught telling a whopper of a lie about PM Stephen Harper (see here):


Crickets of course from the CBC.


7 Responses to “CBC silent on Toronto Liberal candidate lying about Harper visiting Lac Megantic”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Liberals and CBC journalosers have all graduated from the Progressive 1%er School of Fact-Checking.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Lies work well for Liberals, Ontario is proof of that. However, this one needs to be grabbed and dealt with pronto, he needs to be forced to retract this blatant and utter damned lie, it won’t make a lot of difference to the voters in Trinity-Spadina, he’s fighting the NDP, no Conservative could win that riding.

    Politics is getting dirtier and dirtier, we’re down to the scumbag variety. I sincerely hope the NDP take this one, Vaughn can take his arse back to his Municipal seat in Toronto city council where they’ll be ready to concentrate on Rob Ford on his return June 30.

    Federally it’s nothing short of a miracle Stephen Harper was able to win majority government, the Liberal/Left have been going nuts ever since, taking politics in this country to the lowest it’s ever been at every level.

  3. Jen Says:

    Yes Liz J, there is no doubt in mind that its a miracle PM Harper is still governing Canada. It is truly a miracle. Reporters tried from 2005 to ruin the PM’s reputation. As Tony Abbott said which is very very true that ‘the PM(Harper) may not be recognized here but he is a beacon in the world.’

  4. Linkmeister Says:

    They may be too busy to cover this story, because according to the GLobe and Mail, “Peter Mansbridge, Adrienne Arsenault, David Suzuki, Anna Maria Tremonti and more than 30 other news and current affairs staff ” are ramping up the pressure on the Conservatives because of “a precipitous decline of documentaries in the CBC-TV schedule.”

    Considering their long history of biased taxpayer funded documentaries (think of their centrepiece of bias-the Valour and the Horror), it’s good to see the CBC minions on the ropes.


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