Putin’s mouth-piece promises to glowingly include CTV’s Robert Fife in memoirs

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It’s been four days now since the bombshell statement made by NATO’s Secretary General that Russia has been funding anti-fracking eco-groups (see here) and still not word about it has appeared in the Canadian media with the exception of Sun News and the Financial Post even though 3 major media outlets have interviewed Putin’s ambassador.

Nether CP (see here), CTV (see here) or Global (see here) asked Georgiy Mamedov about this allegation – instead they gave him a platform to attack PM Stephen Harper.

And to top it off, CTV proudly sent out this tweet quoting Mamedov:

fife mamedov

Putin has journalists murdered in Russia – Canadian journos respond by giving his puppet a platform to propagandize.

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10 Responses to “Putin’s mouth-piece promises to glowingly include CTV’s Robert Fife in memoirs”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Mamedov must have meant Barney Fife,a lot of people make that mistake

  2. Jen Says:

    Robert Fife may like the glowing report from Russian dictator’s puppet since Fife is the liberals puppet. Russian reporters who dared to speak out against their government for its treatment towards the innocent Russians were either put in prison or murdered. They were REAL reporters.
    It takes guts will and strength to speak and stand against a brutal dictator who wants to take over UKRAINE. GOD BLESS YOU PM Harper.
    I wonder Dean, if you were to ask a Russian reporter who fled to Canada what he thinks about that supposed ‘glowing’ report.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Well it’s blantantly obvious if there ever was any doubt that Blondie Fife is part of the enemy within when he’s receiving accolades from KGB Putin. File under “We know we are in trouble when”…….
    Can anyone imagine what would happen if the Boy/Man Hair Trudeau were in charge of our country? We’d be on our way to certain ruin and the laughing stock of the industrialized world who recognize the great job Stephen Harper is doing. We’d be trading statesman for an asshat.

  4. Sean M Says:

    I wonder how many “Canadian” journos are on the Russian payroll. Lets face it, Canadian journos will do and say anything to get their candidate Trubozo elected, so one does have to wonder what incentives, besides ideology, is driving these creeps. I wouldn’t put anything past these anti Conservative, anti Canadian propagandists.

    • Alain Says:

      They aren’t and need not be on the Russian payroll. They are fully committed agenda-driven neo-marxists, which is why they do as they do. One could even call them Liberal PR hacks, since that is a better description than journalists. Back to the topic, why would anyone expect them to report this in light of what I just said. They refuse to report the Yanks and Europeans doing exactly the same thing here; paying for what I call agents provocateurs in order to kill our economy. These foreigners whatever their native countries are enemies of Canada, and yet we allow it to continue. The bottom line is that I stopped expecting any kind of true journalism in Canada until SNN arrived on the scene. Also thank goodness that we had some great blogs to get real news even prior to SNN.

  5. Fay Says:

    Robert Fife comes across as anti-Canadian.

    • Liz J Says:

      It’s obvious the media hacks like Fife and even news readers like Mansbridge of CBC are rabidly against the Conservative government and will skew facts to manipulate opinion against them at every opportunity. What they’re doing is politically driven, they’re willing to go to bat for jerks like Putin against their own government representing their own country because it’s not a Liberal government. It’s political hatred out of control, they’re willing to put the country on the skids to get their boy Trudeau, the absolute least qualified person ever to seek the top job. He’s Liberal, that’s all that matters to these dangerous media manipulators.

      We need to be very concerned and vigilant or this country will be a very different place in the hands of very incompetent people who are steering and feeding the Shiny Pony they’ve put up front.

    • Jen Says:

      Without a doubt, Fay. Why would this ambassador write a glowingly report about Fife a Canadian fool who would do anything to get PM Harper out of the way in his memoirs when he can easily write glowinlg of Russian reporters who were thrown into prison or murdered for speaking out the brutal dictatorship of Putin. Now these reporters DESERVE A GLOWING REPORT than Fife and com.
      Tom Clark is invited to Moscow that’s nice. will he there speak against the treatment of the Russian reporters or, will just visit the view with his mouth shut.

  6. Liz J Says:

    We might also look to the US and see what Hollywood and the media have given them, a great talking head with no substance, the US is not in good hands and we all should be concerned as things are unfolding in the ME as well as Obama’s stance on the keystone pipeline exuding a general unfriendly attitude towards Canada, probably spurred by jealousy as well as politics.

  7. Ken (Kulak) Says:

    Is that our Baghdad Bob?

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