Liberal MP gets caught expensing $2,000 trip to fundraiser in Ft McMurray


The oldest politician expense abuse trick in the book is to arrange a partisan trip and disguise it as official business.

The latest example of this is by Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner:

Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner claimed nearly $2,000 in expenses to fly to Fort McMurray in March to meet with stakeholders, according to recently posted expense disclosures, but he also attended a $250-a-plate fundraiser for Kyle Harrietha, the party’s candidate in the northern Alberta riding’s upcoming byelection.

And to make matters even worse for Cuzner is this from Liberal MP Marc Garneau who was also in attendance:

Mr. Garneau’s own disclosure shows no expense claims during this time period. The MP told The Hill Times that he went to Fort McMurray in March to do work for the party, including the fundraiser. Asked why he didn’t file an expense claim for the trip, Mr. Garneau replied. “I didn’t think it was appropriate. … It was inappropriate for me to use House of Commons funding and I did not use House of Commons funding. I know the difference.” (see here)

The private equivalent to this dirty political practise is when business people used to write-off golf games as expenses.

Looking forward to an official complaint against Cuzner being made.


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