Global interviews eco-hypocrite Paul Martin on human-caused damage to oceans

martin global ocean

It takes a special kind of hypocrite to stand in front of the media and give an interview on a report ‘done’ by yourself on the damage to the oceans when you own one of the largest ocean shipping companies in the world.

Global News’ Russ Lord somehow didn’t imagine that Paul Martin may not be the most reputable voice for cleaning up the oceans when he is the owner of Canada Steamship Lines? (see interview here apx 50 second mark)

paul martin steamships

I’ve asked Anchor and Executive Editor of Global National, Dawna Friessen why neither she nor Lord brought up this fact about Martin and will get back to you if she replies.




Emergency operations director in High River denies asking RCMP to grab guns

rcmp high river

The story that Calgary Herald reporter Trevor Howell ran yesterday after interviewing Chief Supt. Kevin Harrison on the High River gun-grab:

Almost a year after Mounties were accused of acting independently during a mandatory evacuation of High River following last June’s flood the RCMP’s district commander offered new details on the incident, including who ultimately ordered the sweeping search of abandoned properties.

“It would be the emergency operations centre for High River and whoever is designated by that local authority to be in command at that time,” Chief Supt. Kevin Harrison told the Calgary Herald in a phone interview. (see here)

raised quite a few red flags with many people who have been following this issue and sure enough, today we find out that the person in charge of the emergency operations centre for High River, Ross Shapka is denying Harrison’s claim that insinuates he gave the order to grab guns:

A retired Mountie, Shapka was the director of the High River EOC (and chief bylaw enforcement officer) when the flood hit. So Harrison intimated it was Shapka who gave the go ahead.

On a Calgary radio station on Monday, Shapka (who has since retired) insisted he never asked police to seize firearms from people’s homes. He asked police during the height of the flood to enter homes to search for survivors, but they chose to grab guns on their own. (see here)

There is no doubt in my mind that the RCMP know full-well how damaging the upcoming (and repeatedly delayed) report on their actions is and are trying to deflect as much heat as possible by getting the Media Party to help before it is released.

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