Global interviews eco-hypocrite Paul Martin on human-caused damage to oceans

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It takes a special kind of hypocrite to stand in front of the media and give an interview on a report ‘done’ by yourself on the damage to the oceans when you own one of the largest ocean shipping companies in the world.

Global News’ Russ Lord somehow didn’t imagine that Paul Martin may not be the most reputable voice for cleaning up the oceans when he is the owner of Canada Steamship Lines? (see interview here apx 50 second mark)

paul martin steamships

I’ve asked Anchor and Executive Editor of Global National, Dawna Friessen why neither she nor Lord brought up this fact about Martin and will get back to you if she replies.




20 Responses to “Global interviews eco-hypocrite Paul Martin on human-caused damage to oceans”

  1. Searle Says:

    Once a Lie-beral always a hypocrite!

  2. ohboy Says:

    You’ve gotta be some special kind of fool to have a boat in your, (the Cdn. taxpayer’s) commercial fleet that is named after yourself and a double moronic fool to insert “Right Honourable” in front of that name.
    Paul martin was the worst PM that Canada didn’t need,
    There was nothing honourable about him as he flailed his arms in all directions, played juvenile air guitar, vowed to mess with the notwithstanding clause, became more erratic as time went on and then topped it all off with ridiculous attack ads of soldiers in our streets.

    Sorry for the long sentence but you just can’t make this stuff up it writes itself!

    Paul Martin was a study in political & personal pathetics after he purloined the reins of power from ‘da little guy’.
    A better name for the CSL boat in the picture would be “RT HON MR DITHERS”

    The name looks good on you Paul. you still wear it well and the best part is that you get to keep it and Canada gets to remember you by it !

    I’ve said enough paul…don’t let the door hit you in the …. on the way out.

    • Guffman Says:

      Agree with everything you said here ohboy! Mr Dithers was a lame duck Prime Minister from beginning to end.
      And pathetically, this is just another example (too many to keep track of anymore) of the Media Party not holding Liberals or Socialists accountable, and giving them carte blanche to spout their hypocritical nonsense.
      Little wonder less and less people go to them for news or information anymore.

    • Kevin Says:

      One thing. I’m pretty sure the boat is named after Paul Martin Sr. His father.

      • Liz J Says:

        You’re probably right, the name on the boat is Paul J. Junior Paul and his father had more than a name in common, Paul senior aspired to become PM and failed but his son went farther, he fiddled his party to get to the top and failed, his father had a few more scruples.

      • ohboy Says:

        Thanx for bringing that up Kevin…You’re most likely correct, though it does little to change my opinion on Paul jr.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Martin got his fat right honourable booted out of politics and took it to the high seas to soothe his ego. Martin is a washed up failed politician who not only mucked up his own career but screwed the LPC as well.

    If he hadn’t spent more than a decade trying to oust Chretien we wouldn’t be seeing a desperate party trying to get to the top, losing all the best Liberal minds, choosing a series of failed leaders and now they have the absolute least prepared, least fit to govern Justin Trudeau. It’s a pretty scary scenario with the Liberal Party and the media party working in tandem, the country could be headed for certain disaster at home and in foreign affairs with his communistic bent.

    Thanks for all that Paul, now go off and float your right honourable and STFU.

    • Roy Elsworth Says:

      I’m so happy he ousted Chretien because now we have pm harper and I’m happy about that. if it weren’t for Paul Martin we would probably be like Greece Italy France and the USA . because we would not have had Iggy or Dion then either. so in away he’s done us a favour. The only one I think that could have saved the liberal party as leader if he were still in the party would have been John Manly he is way more conservative then the rest of the liberals. but even John Manly started campaigning for Stephen harper.

      • Liz J Says:

        Good points Roy but the Martin/Chretien dual hasn’t totally evolved, we got Stephen Harper but the way things are shaping up we may yet get the son of the worst PM we ever had and whose handy work like the Charter and multicultural crap we have today which makes some more equal than others in this democracy. Problem is son of Trudeau is his his only qualification, he’s an empty suit, not fit to govern and showing no sign of improving.

  4. Harkov Says:

    Paul who? Oh, I’m sorry, that’s Joe Who.

    Meh, what’s the difference.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Wonder how long before Martin goes on tour with Al Gore, another failed politician and enviro hypocrite who knows nothing of what he speaks, they talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Tanker Paul may be trying for a Nobel Prize, given some they have been awarded to, they’ve entered the sham category.

    • Jen Says:

      Paul Martin, took $161million from taxpayers to pay for his CSL which he is yet to pay back.

        • badbeta Says:

          He’s referring to this in wiki Dean….who knows what the actual breakdown of what was a nice padded government contract versus outright grants and loans but just the fact that they lied about the initial amount of the largess screams malfeasance to me.

          “On January 28, 2004, the federal government, in response to opposition party and media enquiries, revealed that CSL Group Inc. had received $162 million in federal government contracts, grants and loans since Paul Martin became Minister of Finance in 1993. Earlier figures released in 2003 had suggested CSL Group Inc. had only earned $137,000 during this time period.”

  6. Martin Says:

    This is simply another example in a long list of liberal media not asking questions a serious reporter would think of. They leave watchers at home seathing or hitting the mute control. Classic example was Olivia Chow on CBC P&P, tsk tsking about Senators housing allowances. The same woman who ramped up $!.! m in MP allowances with her husband while each charging maximum on a shared apartment. The moderator (forget which woman host), blithely listened without uttering a word.
    Only conservatives get asked the tough questions.

  7. Mary Hines Says:

    Even when Martin is on TV – he looks very uncomfortable… he knows himself how pathetic he was as PM. He “tries to pretend” he has all the answers now – the non-native issues, etc… He thought he ran the Country at one time, why didn’t he fix a few of the problems. He sounds as “weak” as he did when he was PM…. but can you ever imagine the mess we would be in if JT ever became PM?

  8. tim Says:

    Sure…this is the same wizard who called Teresa Spence an inspiration. Wow. Just….wow.

  9. Angus Says:

    Dawna Friessen can go back to where ever the **** she came from.

  10. Billy Says:

    When Paul Martin was Finance Minister under Chretien his company CSL was on the receiving end of some $162 million taxpayer dollars through government contacts and loans, he has never been made to answer for it………………..some jail time sounds about right to me.

    Curiously the total amount is almost exactly what the company cost Martin to acquire in the first place.

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