Globe columnist uses space to personally attack: “An open letter to Peter MacKay’s wife”


Globe and Mail columnist Leah McLaren went completely over the line by going after Peter MacKay’s wife Nazanin Afshin-Jam:

As you may have heard, your life partner and baby daddy has managed to get himself in a bit of hot water where the women of Canada are concerned. And as I read about the fallout – from both his ill-judged comments about women in the judiciary and those very strange leaked Mother and Father’s Day e-mails – I couldn’t help but think of you. (see here)

How this was allowed to be posted by the Globe reminded me of the “Rob Ford is fat” column by Stephen Marche (see here) so this isn’t the first time “Canada’s newspaper of record” editors have shown they condone nasty personal attacks against conservative targets.

Also keep in mind McLaren sold her house through a column which the Globe swept under the carpet as best they could (see here) – ethics  are not her or her employer’s strong suit.

Update: Afshin-Jam slaps-down McLaren – with class (see here)


Sexist CP headline: “Christine Elliott, Flaherty’s widow, running for Ontario PC party leadership”

cp elliott

It’s never sexism when aimed at a Conservative woman right?

Update: CBC ran the same headline:

cbc elliott

Contrasting this with not daring to define Olivia Chow just as Layton’s wife when she announced running for TO mayor:

cbc chow

Update: CBC pulls sexist Christine Elliott headline but doesn’t apologise or explain:

cbc elliott

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