Sexist CP headline: “Christine Elliott, Flaherty’s widow, running for Ontario PC party leadership”

cp elliott

It’s never sexism when aimed at a Conservative woman right?

Update: CBC ran the same headline:

cbc elliott

Contrasting this with not daring to define Olivia Chow just as Layton’s wife when she announced running for TO mayor:

cbc chow

Update: CBC pulls sexist Christine Elliott headline but doesn’t apologise or explain:

cbc elliott


6 Responses to “Sexist CP headline: “Christine Elliott, Flaherty’s widow, running for Ontario PC party leadership””

  1. ohboy Says:

    I think you have to delve into the nether reaches of the Progressive’s mind in order to understand that they see themselves as the enlightened ones.
    It doesn’t matter what they accomplish or how they accomplish it as long as they achieve the desired results of their perception of what’s for the better good of all.

    It didn’t matter that Jack Layton got caught in a rub & tug or that some sex trade worker was most likely forced to work at the occupation of administering to his wants…it was that jack was perceived as an agent for the cause…for the better good, so his sins weren’t just overlooked, they weren’t even allowed to be acknowledged.
    Whereas anyone of a conservative stripe,(The Enemy) would not get a pass but would feel the full damaging force of the Left’s long arm.
    It is truly an odd and very juvenile world view; backed by the left’s constant hammering of all opponents by being denounced as divisive when in fact it is one of their main strategies to employ this tactic.
    Many have ventured that Progressivism is a mental illness and this appears to hold true in so many cases whereby mature logic is thrown out the door only to be replaced with feel good policy of questionable merit, administered with a heavy hand.

    Christine Elliott represents a real threat to the progressives…see was wife to a popular conservative MP/MPP and though she did prematurely lose her husband, see looked up and effectively soldiered on through an election and now is setting her sights on a leadership role.
    This must prove worrisome for the Ontario Liberal machine and their brethren in that not only is she a woman,(which I feel counts for extra points at this juncture in Ontario politics) she’s also resilient, determined and has good prescience and optics.

    I imagine that the progressives and their media understand that they can’t hit her too hard at this time as they don’t want to be thought of in a bad light…so an innuendo comment that she’s from “the other side” is a pretty good indication of more to come from the enlightened crowd.

  2. Jen Says:

    I hope for the people of Ontario that Christine Elliott, with the guidance of her husband, Jim Flaherty, does the job that scandalous OLP the creators of a HAVE-NOT’ PROVINCE FAILED to do. She should be alert to viciousness from the media but to always remember her job is for the recovery of Ontario and her people and not for some popularity contest.
    CBC is a propaganda machine. Full of hate and rust.

  3. Liz J Says:

    I’m sure Christine knows all about the media hacks, she’s been living with their screed for several years in politics.
    I for one am going to demand the Ontario PC party ditch the “progressive” from their name or I will not be able to give them any donations. I’ve had all I can handle of progressives, it blackens the Conservative brand.

  4. Liz J Says:

    She was considered a Red Tory but she has recently defined herself as simply Conservative. If ever Ontario needed a Conservative it’s now, the party needs to get it’s act together. A good deal of housecleaning needs to be done, shift out the dead wood and the wet behind the ears Uni twits who managed to get beaten by the most beatable bunch of corrupt Liberals in our history.

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