Green’s May doubles-down, insinuates judge conspired with RCMP to frame Native protesters

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Guilty verdicts were issued by a Moncton court on two anti-fracking Native protester on multiple weapons related charges and, who were lucky to escape being convicted of fire-bombing RCMP vehicles (see here) so of course I asked Green leader Elizabeth May if she would apologise for this January tweet:


Which the Media Party refused to report (see here).

But instead of simply saying she was wrong and sorry for smearing these officers, May tweeted back this:


According to May, these armed protesters were peaceful and any violence was due to the RCMP’s actions which a public inquiry would reveal, including the vast cover-up.

There’s not enough tin-foil in Canada to make a hat big enough for this nutbar.





5 Responses to “Green’s May doubles-down, insinuates judge conspired with RCMP to frame Native protesters”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Ms May and her party are so irrelevant to anything of importance in the politics of the country her words/outbursts, beyond being head scratchers, hold as much power as farts in a windstorm.

  2. Clary Says:

    She is really embarrassing to our country. Can she please not go back to the USA? What a total nut case. Can you imagine the media explosion if a CPC MP stated they thought the RCMP planted weapons on natives?

  3. bocanut Says:

    May-day continues to thinks that Canadians are stupid.
    I could even live with trading her back to the US for Celine Dion-less drama.

  4. Liz J Says:

    According to Ms May’s thought process the Indian protesters are above the law, the police force and judge have no business interfering with them. The Indians need to either join the country, pay taxes like everyone else or be cut off the government teat…..thanks to successive gutless politicians it will never happen.

  5. Scott M Says:

    Elizabeth who?

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