Trudeau bashing Canadian gov’t in US media only exposes how ignorant he is about history


Besides pushing a carbon tax that would put Canada’s oil industry at a massive disadvantage, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau exposed just how stupid he is when it comes to American/Canadian history:

“We’ve never had a worse relationship with the United States” (see here)

Frightening to know that someone who wants to be Prime Minister has never read a history book – apparently none were required reading when Trudeau become a drama teacher:

1) John Diefenbaker on John F. Kennedy: “He’s a hothead. He’s a fool – too young, too brash, too inexperienced, and a boastful son of a bitch!”

2)  Lyndon Johnson grabbed Lester Pearson by the shirt collar, lifted the prime minister off the floor and shouted, “You pissed on my rug!”

3) Richard Nixon called Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau “an asshole” in his private tapes, Trudeau responded, “I’ve been called worse things by better people.”

4) Again, Nixon on Trudeau “You’ve got to put it to these people for kicking the U.S. around after what we did for that lousy son of a bitch.”

And the Grand Daddy of them all, The War of 1812.

The Media Party will of course ignore this latest idiocy by Trudeau but look for the National Post’s Michael Den Tandt to write another column explaining how brilliant he really is.


10 Responses to “Trudeau bashing Canadian gov’t in US media only exposes how ignorant he is about history”

  1. Guffman Says:

    The Media Party is too busy following important stuff like Peter MacKay’s Mothers and Fathers Day tweets.

  2. Alain Says:

    Perhaps I am the exception but any federal politician who is capable of running down his country to foreigners does not qualify to run the country. I don’t care if he is Left, Centre, Right or in-between, it shows him to be a Canadian of convenience in my book. Actually the same applies to provincial politics in my book.

    • Scott M Says:


    • ohboy Says:

      Not the exception and I’ll further add that any person who avoids serving in a just war for conscientious reasons and not health should be given a one way ticket to a country of their choosing and not be allowed to return.

      The 2nd World War was a just war pierre.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Maybe if Justin or any other Obama loving Liberal could see beyond their political arses they’d realize Obama is one of the worst President’s the US has had. Our PM is intellectually far beyond Obama, Junior Trudeau would be even worse, beyond just an embarrassment, he isn’t even close to being in the league of world leaders. He’d be a disaster for Canada at all levels.

    • tim Says:

      One of? I would argue that Obama is THE WORST by a wide margin. Angry, divisive, racist and malicious describe him very well. And he was voted for TWICE!!! Progressives in this country will be no different voting for Justin, paying no mind to his trainwreck idelogy. They think he’s “cool” and that’s enough for them. Stupidity.

      • Al in Cranbrook Says:

        And amen to that!
        God help us all if Trudeau somehow becomes PM…’cause nobody else will. I don’t even want to think about it.

  4. Bestman Says:

    “American radio show host Dennis Prager says Canada should know that under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mr. Baird, Canada is regarded as the bright light of the West.”

    I cannot remember any American of note praising any Canadian government so effusively.

  5. bocanut Says:

    Don’t forget Liberal Carolynn “The Stomping Godzilla” Parrish and her classy message to the US

  6. Sean M Says:

    I’m absolutely convinced that Junior Trubozo has no idea about Canada U.S relations ,or anything else for that matter, he just blathers a constant stream of nonsense. Raised at the knee of a dictator loving commie, who IMO was a complete madman with an ego the size of the country he worked so hard to destroy. Junior would simply extend the authoritarian rule of his deranged, spiteful, malicious Father, hiding behind “Liberal” courts, dictating “social licence” through the undemocratic powers imposed through Daddy’s Charter. Trudeau Sr. was an anti-Canadian madman and the nut didn’t fall far from the crazy tree. Junior believes the only way to please the lawless, ideologically driven U.S. administration is to impose crushing suicidal carbon taxes upon Canadians, all based on the fairy tale of man made AGW… the boy/man is a dangerously stupid ideologue with out a shred of credibility or integrity, just like the old man.

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