Parliamentary Press Gallery member runs ad calling Canadian right-wingers “Neanderthals”

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Yup, this is from an actually accredited member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery (see here).

h/t Rob Rheaume

Also: See earlier post on union front-man Jim Stanford giving cash prizes to Media Party journalists here


13 Responses to “Parliamentary Press Gallery member runs ad calling Canadian right-wingers “Neanderthals””

  1. Guffman Says:

    Looking at his cranium, it seems he might carry more Neanderthal DNA than us.

  2. Fay Says:

    I thought he had moved to Australia???

  3. Harkov Says:

    This is not surprising in the least. Remember when Fife called the Conservatives “knuckledraggers”?

    MSM/PPG bias? What bias?

  4. Liz J Says:

    How small minded of him, then again that’s what we’ve come to expect from the kings and queens on the Hill who think they’re part of the intellegentia, who can sit back and scoff at those who don’t sit on the bar stools with them. If he’s an example of that sort I’m happy to be a Neanderthal. Thanks Jimbo, I have no time for your smart ass comments, take a hike.

  5. James Walker Says:

    Robert Fife is the absolute worst. He was practically crying to Lisa Laflamme 2 days agothat the government was not doing enough to help that Egyptian “journalist”

    • Liz J Says:

      That Egyptian journalist has dual citizenship so it follows he would have to accept the laws and rules of both countries, whichever one he happens to be in, in this case he’s been living there for several years. Canada has no responsibility to bail him out, he’s there by choice but you can be sure if he comes back here and cries torture some shyster will be ready to take his case against Canada for a cool few million. It’s long past time we put an end to dual citizenships.

  6. climatecriminal Says:

    I thought these so called progressives were all about tolerance? silly me, these commie lite twits are the most pernicious, sneaky and nasty people around

  7. Alain Says:

    It is worth keeping in mind that “right-wingers” for them means anyone who is not a communist and/or who dissents from their agenda. I am therefore proud to be called a “right-winger” by the likes of them.

  8. Al in Cranbrook Says:

    Anyone slightly familiar with would immediately understand we’re talking about unabashedly rabid socialists!
    To a lot of them, “Neanderthal” pretty much covers everyone slightly to the right of Marx.
    Hard to believe it’s the 21st century and there’s still believers in that idiotic crap!

  9. Bubba Brown Says:

    An ad hominum slur on everyone who does not agree with you is so progressive.
    So sad for Jimbo losing election after election.
    Perhaps it is the progressive types that are not evolving?
    An evolutionary dead end perhaps?
    The purpose bred dauphin being soo dissapointing, inbreeding?
    Probably a result of watching endless CBC droning about MP McKay alleged remarks about diapers.

  10. Liz J Says:

    The endless hype about McKay’s internal emails on Mothers and Fathers Day might get morphed into diapergate by the progressives who are acting like a bunch of the messy stuff that requires diaper changes. Though the ability to reason seems to lacking among progressives maybe they should try to get themselves into the realm of reality.

  11. Beachdude Says:

    Old Jimbo is nothing more than a failed NDP candidate, from 2 -3 elections ago

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