BC NDP MLA supports Nanaimo council banning Leadercast event – compares them to “Klu Klux Clan”

Doug Routley

A Nanaimo blog (see here) has verified this statement from BC NDP MLA Doug Routley on Nanaimo city council banning a Leadercast event over religious bias:

Would you accept a convention sponsored by the Klu Klux Clan?

The sponsors have attempted to overturn the Human Rights Act protected rights of a group based on their identity. Ezra Levant and Sun are the worst example of extremist media in Canada, as evidenced by their spin that Nanaimo banned Christians.

Levant appears to pass up no opportunity to foment division and undermine progressive Canadian values. He seems determined to “Americanize” Canadian politics and social discourse to the detriment of all of us.

Free speech is not without responsibility and the sponsors of that convention who have attacked the rights of Canadians now, ironically, challenge the decision of Council by invoking rights protected under the same act. This is a sad perversion of the intent of our Charter.

Do Christians feel comfortable being identified alongside the bigoted sponsors? I suspect that those who object to the decision of Council have never been chased down an alley or beaten in a school yard because of who they are. Kudos to the City Council of Nanaimo.

Doug Routley

Looking forward to seeing how new BC NDP leader John Horgan deals with this nutbar within his caucus.



20 Responses to “BC NDP MLA supports Nanaimo council banning Leadercast event – compares them to “Klu Klux Clan””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, let’s see, one of the council members compared this Leadercast to Boko Haram and now this jagoff is saying they’re like the KKK. Why is it that rhetoric has to be so ramped up? Did anyone actually look at what Leadercast is about?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Is there something in the water in BC? It seems to have more than it’s share of far out nutters of the extreme variety.
    That damned Trudeau Charter dictates are being used and abused by the Left both in politics and the SCC judges who interpret it to fit their bias which makes some more equal than others. Christians are at the bottom of the list, free speech is only acceptable if it fits their biased views.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The cancellation of this event was based upon lack of correct information concerning the nature and content of the presentation. It is a poor reflection on the decision-making skills of council, and more specifically, their lack of foresight in neglecting to clarity/question the event with the Nanaimo sponsors. It was a hasty and ill-conceived reaction to a motion and reflects a poor understanding of the Charter of Rights. Ironically, Nanaimo councilors may well have benefited from attending this Leadercast presentation!

    • Liz J Says:

      The charter is hard to understand, it’s dictates come down to whatever the freaking unelected Supreme Court Judges decide to interpret in each case. This is really an affront to our democratic system. It’s used as a cop out for governments as well, they can accept court decisions on issues that might hurt them politically by citing the Charter.

  4. tim Says:

    More and more people globally-not just Canadians-are beginning to understand that Progressive/Liberal/Humanist ideology and values are just socially and economically destructive garbage.

    • Christopher Says:

      The council of Nanaimo has apologized to Canadians publicly. It is now time the turn of this bigoted NDP MLP.

  5. gerry Says:

    I expert the NDP to double down with the liberals close behind. The fact thar Ezra is involved pretty much ensures that :))

  6. Harkov Says:

    Everytime they utter ridiculous term references to the words “fascist”,”Hitler”, ” nazi”, or “kkk” I just counter with “Stalin”, “marxist”, and “Communist”.

    Leftards like these are NEVER reasonable, and incapable of ANY logical discourse, so why even bother trying to be reasonable with them in turn?

  7. Mike Says:

    Mr Routley has a right to his opinions, just as well as anyone, even if it is in ignorance. How can he put Mr. Cathy (CEO of Chick-Fil-A) in the same boat as the KKK? Mr. Cathy did not threaten anyone with violence or try to encourage anyone to commit a violent or vengeful act. He was just trying to encourage the maintenance of a law that has been the law of our country and his country since the inception of both countries. I don’t know how Mr. Routley could support a decision by our City Council that breaks all 4 items in Section 2 of Part 1 of our Canadian charter of Rights and Freedoms. Due to our Charter of Rights of Freedoms, he is allowed to have his opinions. Just as I have the right to mine. The City Council doesn’t seem as though they will repeal their ruling, so, it will have to be dealt with in the courts.

    • Deryk Says:

      Apparently Routley reflects the inclinations of the NDP to suppress expression, association, assembly and religion they disagree with.

  8. Curt Senka Says:

    There is something about leftist extremists and their understanding of free speech and rights. Its only free and right if you agree with them. In Nanaimo, all non-leftists should just stop paying their taxes, since they have no local government representation anyway.

    • S Says:

      Amen to that sister. I am a Christian and sick of the left wing bigotry towards Christians and all who have a different opinion then them. It is fascism nothing more. In a democratic government we are all should have a voice, regardless if you are black, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Gay, Male or female.

      I cannot believe that the LGBT community started this whole thing off and had the gull to try to fight it after Ezra had the decision rescinded. Do they not understand what the word ‘equality’ means? Did they not fight for it themselves in this very nation? If so then have they not learned that ALL CANADIANS are entitled to it? Or is equality only ‘equality’ as long as they can take the right of freedom of speech and public assembly away for all who disagree with their beliefs. Are they not given the right to voice their pro-gay rhetoric in public assembly? What is good for the goose is good for the gander? If they have the right to preach their life-style and beliefs in this nation then Christians also should have that very same right with out protest nor reprisal. We can respect ones rights and freedoms another and still disagree on the issues.

      How long brothers and sisters in Canada are we going to allow this to happen to us before we lobby, mobilize, rally and fight for our rights in this nation. How many times will we need Ezra Levant and others to stand up for us before we unite and support politicians that can effectively make laws to ensure our rights are protected peacefully here in Canada …. Peace Keeping Nation??? As Christians we should support Christian organizations and lobby groups in this nation. Fortifiy them with funding and support so that our voice will be heard ‘equally’ along side the minority groups in this nation. We should take legal matters seriously in this nation and provide media, and legal support for all those who are suffering from left wing bigotry and bullying. We are NOT what Leftists say;’extremists’ we are simply Canadians just like them, who deserve to serve the lord the best way we know how peacefully without fear of persecution for our right to do so. It is my hope that fellow Canadians will see what is going on and rally behind Ezra and others that stand for the equal rights not just Christians, but all groups represented by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and remove the fascists from the HRC and positions of government in all towns and areas in Canada were they reside.


      • Christopher Says:

        Well said! The Doug guy should apologize for his vicious attack on Christuans.

  9. Mark van der Wal Says:

    Desmond Tutu is black the conference was held in Atlanta the cradle of the civil rights movement does the council hate blacks ,the majority of Christians in the world are black,the soon to be president of UN is black .By banning Reverent Tutu from being heard the city shows itself to be backward and racist.

  10. Deryk Says:

    Have we all noticed the BC Media silence on Doug Routley’s support for the prejudice of Nanaimo City Council?

  11. Deryk Says:

    “Looking forward to seeing how new BC NDP leader John Horgan deals with this nutbar within his caucus,” you said. Horgan as just appointed him Deputy Forestry critic. In the NDP there seems to a reward for bigotry.

  12. Janet Says:

    Further to what Deryk said …
    “Nanaimo MLAs chosen for shadow cabinet”, Nanaimo Daily News, July 24, 2014.

    Nanaimo-South Cowichan MLA Doug Routley is a member of BC NDP leader John Horgan’s “hand-picked team”.

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