Photo: Trudeau poses with Pride participant mocking Catholic priests


Seriously, does Liberal leader Justin Trudeau have an ounce of judgment?

h/t Domenic Vetro

Also: Remember, Trudeau sat beside child porn charged Benjamin Levin at last year’s Pride Parade (see here)


13 Responses to “Photo: Trudeau poses with Pride participant mocking Catholic priests”

  1. Dave B. Says:

    Why does he need to worry about judgement. The media have shown they will gloss over a lot of this boys shortcomings. In fact, they will run several stories tomorrow on what a great leader he will make. Truly sickening.

  2. CAGW Skeptic Says:

    Doesn’t matter, media party pals will make sure this never gets mentioned on MSM. He knows he can get away with anything, they’ve got his back. They’ll spin it to *prove* (insert lib enemy du jour here) is a bigot.

  3. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    That’s the worst thing you see in this picture?

  4. hollinm Says:

    Can you imagine what would be said if Harper had his picture taken with a bare breasted woman. The outrage would be horrific.

  5. Sean M Says:

    I think the phrase, “adult/child” is an appropriate description of Pierre’s oldest spawn. Junior Trustupid gives a new meaning to the term, “pandering”.

  6. Mary Hines Says:

    He is “nothing” but SHOW.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Trudeau pretty in pink among various states of dress/undress, it’s early Halloween with less of the bare essentials.
    Tell me when a woman can walk down any street with her boobs in full display or a man can walk around with his package wrapped in leather and not get arrested? I’m not a prude but I think this whole thing is disgusting and degrading to humanity.

  8. Harkov Says:

    Squashing dissenting Catholic opinion over abortion in his party and posing with a mockery of a priest; obviously he couldn’t care less about the Catholic vote. THIS sort of trash is his demographic now.

  9. Bubba Brown Says:

    Never mind CBC will run an endless loop featuring quotes from Peter MacKay that he never said.
    There are three (3) boobs in the picture BTW

  10. Martin Says:

    Every media photo I have seen of Jr and Wynne at last year’s parade has the offending presence of Ben Levin cropped out. Like Stalin era photo censors, liberal media is not going to show Jr and Levin in the same frame, even though they in fact were side by side.

  11. Scott M Says:

    BEHOLD OUR FUTURE RULER AND KING! I wonder when the RCC is going to excommunicate him?

  12. Bubba Brown Says:

    Heh Junior has been “out-boobed” by Chow;

    With apologies to Lord T,
    “Forward the dim-bulb brigade,
    Was there boobs displayed?
    Cameras to the right of them
    Cameras to the left of them
    They blathered and posed
    Boldly they posed and, well,
    I now need eye bleach
    Wounded I fell
    Fatally flashed by the boobs from hell”

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