Click-rate journalism: Why attacking Peter MacKay’s wife was cheered by Media Party

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For a perfect insight into the level of ethics in today’s Canadian journalism are these two tweets from Postmedia’s Stephen Maher on why it was perfectly acceptable for the Globe’s Leah McLaren (see here) to personally attack Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay:

mackay mahermaher mackay

Because the Canadian media is in such dire financial straits, cockroach-journalism is now something to be held-up, admired and of course copied.

Maher is saying the media worms and snakes are the new standard.


17 Responses to “Click-rate journalism: Why attacking Peter MacKay’s wife was cheered by Media Party”

  1. Mary Hines Says:

    What would you expect from the Robocall King! How many articles did he and his “side kick” write about the Conservative Government and the PMO being guilty before they were found not responsible. What credibility would he have anyway?….. I heard they are now on the CBC Power Panel – boy are they scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but they really don’t care as long as they are liberals and will bash the conservative government, they will take anything!

    • Jen Says:

      CBC is only a propaganda media. and the more gathering of propaganda reporters CBC can gather; the larger it becomes.

  2. Jen Says:

    Remembered once a story that a man put a Toronto star paper in his bird’s cage only later to find out the bird had died.
    At least for us humans we can change newspapers or go online but not poor birdie,
    Worms are delicious meal for the birds surely to mention worms in the breath with the media will only poison the taste of the worms.

  3. Mary Hines Says:

    Guess we know “why” the CBC is having to do so many “cuts”….. They are know to just be all liberal hacks – who bothers to watch?. The Power Panel has about 4 liberals – 1 conservative and Evan’s job is to interrupt the conservative every time they go to speak and cut them off because he wants to get in another topic. What a piece of liberal bias he is!! giggles and laughs about anything conservative – liberals are the jewels of the universe…. They go on and on about Peter having to put his wife out there to his defence…. why didn’t they bother to say – she was sent an “open letter” by one of their liberal reporters… why shouldn’t she respond….

  4. Searle Says:

    Alas…the slide into the depths of gutter journalism continues. Will we see a “correction” before reaching the bottom (as has Britain)? Then, maybe the CBC can follow the News of the World into history.

  5. Jen Says:

    Since the liberal propaganda media are not going to ask this. Do you by any chance have any idea whether or not the NDP repaid the $1.17millions? Apparently media reporters are quiet, again, how can they ask about the ndp and 1.17million when they can’t or refuse point blank to ask the liberals to repay the millions of dollars which they still owe us.

  6. Jen Says:

    Mary Hines, Something smell dangerous within the media party-so dangerous that they from the looks of it are order not told-ordered to behave this nasty against cpc and Canada.
    Australian PM Abbott said “He’, meaning Harper, may not be recognized here (Canada) but he is a beacon in the world and he is respected internationally”.
    Hmmm ‘not recognized in canada’. What truer words can be said by Abbott.

  7. Centurion Says:

    The CBC has not received many cuts let alone unwarranted cuts. Prior to the budget of 2013/2014 the CPC government covered Mother Corp’s overdrafts on the condition that she present a realistic business plan and budget for the future.

    In the previous budget the Heritage ministry had to deliver a budget cut of 6% like most other ministries (an exception was VAC) and in turn the CBC’s subsidy was reduced over a 5-year period by 6%. Don’t let any journo tell you the CBC had to absorb it all at once.

    Unfortunately for the CBC, they lost the NHL broadcasting gig to Rogers and all the lucrative ad revenue that went with that. That loss was considerably more than the subsidy cut, so don’t buy anything from a ‘papered journo’ that the gov’t is out to ‘get’ the Ceeb.

    Quite simply, the CBC has too many mandates and obligations; it’s workforce is overpaid and overborne; its viewership has been shrinking for years (other than during the NHL playoffs) and so has ad revenue. As a corporation it’s complex and inefficient. These costs weigh more heavily on The Corpse than any cuts the govt has inflicted on it.

    Hubert “Hube” Lacroix, the CBC’s boss, is doing now what he should have done a week after his appointment. It’s probably going to be too little too late.

    The public broadcaster’s best hope is to go all out in its efforts to sink the Harper government, and strive for a Liberal majority next year in the hope that a grateful Trudeau will increase their budget and restore them to their perch high in the ‘Court Party.’

  8. Jen Says:

    One thing for sure Centurion, the liberal party of Canada is NOT going to give more money to a bunch of ignorant fools at CBC; they did it before. Why give money to those fools when the LPC can use that money on themselves their wealth and extra dough for their bank account. Chretien bought himself a nice hotel and golf with taxpayers’ dollars and Paul Martin took $161million dollars from us taxpayers for his shipping company (CSL), even the liberal party took money for themselves, Did one dime go to CBC -of course not,. If the media want to be stupid to think they are going to be in the bosom of the LPC to get more money, CBC has another guess coming. Not even Justin Trudeau who accepted thousands of dollars from charity was put into HIS bank account.
    For all the hard work the lame-brain reporters at CBC did to keep the LPC in front line and LPC scandals, thievery, away from the public’s eye and for what; the LPC looked down at them even cut money to CBC. CBC has got to be DUMBEST AND STUPIEST there is to believe that the LPC care about them. What idiots.

  9. Liz J Says:

    The LPC and their media pals are all kiddy with the by-election wins in Socialist Toronto, retaining one and grabbing one from the NDP, They’re claiming it a bell weather riding and when they win that they win the BIG one. Of course they’re citing the fact their numbers went up in the Western ridings as Trudeau trending up…..CBC will carp on this for days I’m sure.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Inconvenient truth for Media Party on by-election results under Harper: 7 ridings held, 5 ridings gained, 1 riding loss

    • Jen Says:

      Liz j, I notice the name plaque in front of the senators is still has the name LIBERAL SENATOR when it is suppose to be Independent Senator. As far as we know, Justin fired all the senators who are liberals and want nothing to do with them. yet the senators continue using the title ‘liberal’. I guess listening to their dictator leader Justin is a waste of time. I notice the media didn’t bother to question the senators for disobeying their master.

      • Liz J Says:

        When is a Liberal Senator not a Liberal Senator is the big question. They’re still voting as Liberal Senators, they’re still Liberals except Justin has disowned them, takes no responsibility for their actions or behaviour in and out of the Chamber and they’re not allowed to attend caucus. Nutty is what nutty does, a useless little ploy of no consequence to anything.

    • Jen Says:

      A socialist ndp loss for another socialist win for Justin socialist party.

  10. Jen Says:

    A Lesson Was Taught Tonight, but Liberals Won’t Learn It

    Albertans Know Their Place, Mr Trudeau: It’s On Top

    h/t, Patrick Ross

    Albertans have suffered greatly under Pierre Trudeau and his son is no better.

    • Joseph Says:

      “Cockroach journalism”
      Think you’ve turned the penultimate phrase to describe the trudeau loving media.

    • Joseph Says:

      Gotta laugh at the toronto media after by election.
      They treat liberal wins in liberal Toronto like it’s some break thru for Justin.
      Did they miss the last provincial election? They need to check the electoral map before they spin this crap.

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