Video: Palestinian supporters shout “Heil Hitler” during Calgary For Israel rally

levant calgary israel
Canada’s newest hotbed of radical Islam was on display again this evening as a handful of Jew-haters chanted “Heil Hitler” at Israel supporters during Ezra Levant’s Calgary For Israel rally:

What are the odds these vile racists will be shown and names exposed on CBC?

Video: Toronto Transit employee states to reporter “We will kill all Israel”

ttc employee israel kill

In a Sun News segment where Jerry Agar and Paige MacPherson expose how the Media Party covers-up the pro-Palestinian lunatics who spew Jew-hate at every protest is a short clip where MacPherson catches (on camera) a Toronto Transit employee saying this:

“There should be a free Gaza, free Palestine,” the man says. “And if they continue, now we will go from here there and we will kill the Israel. We will kill all Israel. And we will show the power. What we can do further. Thank you.”

“You’re going to kill Israel?” the reporter says.

“No, I’m just saying we’re going to go there and show the power to them. (watch here)

His union, Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 113 will certainly denounce him and agree he should be fired right?


Help identifying pro-Palestinian protester who told female Sun News reporter “Go fuck your mother”


After catching a tweet by Sun News’ Marissa Semkiw saying she was confronted by a Palestinian supporter telling her to “Get a real job” I asked if this guy at least had the brass to tell her his name.

The following is the exchange between them:

MS: What is your name?

Man: Go fuck your mother. That’s my name.

MS: What is your name? Man: Get lost…

MS: Just tell me what your name is

Man: I don’t have to.

MS: Why are you so afraid?

Man: My name is go fuck your mother (cheering)

He was at both Queen’s Park pro-Palestinian rallies held on past two Saturdays and I’m curious if anyone who reads my blog might know who he is?

Would love to out this tough guy.

Sun News’ Ezra Levant event July 31st “Calgary For Israel”



Sun News’ Ezra Levant has organized a speaker’s event (see here) to combat the violent pro-Hamas demonstration that occurred right outside City Hall in Calgary two weeks ago as the local politicians like their mayor Naheed Neshi refuses to condemn these Islamic extremists (see here), the Calgary Police stood-down and allowed Palestinian thugs to beat up Jews (see here) and the media have turned a blind eye even when others like myself have done all the work for them (see here).

stand for israel

Levant go out 600+ people in Nanaimo for a Freedom Rally (see here) on a rainy Wednesday last week so I’m hoping he can attract an even bigger crowd in his home town:

nanaimo levant

It’s imperative that Calgarians come out in a show of force to let the media, politicians and police that they won’t stand silent while their city is allowed to be turned into a hotbed of Hamas sympathizers and an incubator for terrorists.

CBC Middle East correspondent tweets Israel bombed Gaza hospital and refugee camp

Stoffel 2

CBC’s Derek Stoffel has some serious explaining to do after shooting out this tweet quoting an anonymous CBC producer:


Because just 8 minutes later, Stoffel has to ‘admit’ he had no confirmation prior to sending it out:

stoffel 1

This is massively irresponsible journalism and I’ve asked Stoffel to name the CBC producer he was quoting and will get back to you if he responds.

Also: Check out the correction the CBC had to make on Stoffel’s behalf after Honest Reporting filed a complaint on his story that Israel was building more Jewish homes in the West Bank here and running a false story about Obama posters being vandalized in Jerusalem here 

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