Order of Canada Selection Committee member tells me I have no right to know process

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As a member of the Order of Canada committee that selects those who receive an award, I asked Brett Wilson about the political bias influencing these choices and this was his response:

wilsonThe following is the remainder of the back and forths between us:

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Tell me you’re surprised at his response.

Also: See earlier post on CBC’s Rick Mercer receiving an Order of Canada here

Update: Wilson lashes out and call me a liar:

wilsonUpdate: Another Liberal-like smear and no answer of course:

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24 Responses to “Order of Canada Selection Committee member tells me I have no right to know process”

  1. Peter Says:

    Geeze, I used to think highly of Wilson….

  2. fhl Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! Wilson has answered all my questions NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Liz J Says:

    I thought Wilson was a nice chap, a rich man with a lot of compassion. This is showing another side of him and frankly I’m surprised at his arrogance. Who chooses the selection committee for this award in the name of Canada? Is Uber Lefty of the red robe club McLachlin the big boss of the cabal?

      • Liz J Says:

        Oh yeah, a bunch of common folk, NOT. It’s the epitome of a stacked deck of the high and mighty deciding who among the peons might be deserving of the award of the nation according to their secret criteria, they can call it transparent if they wish but being an employee of CBC is a top qualification. Don’t tell me if Conrad Black were a Liberal his would have been taken away.
        IMO McLachlin is the worst Chief Justice I can recall, she oozes an attitude which to me is puke inducing.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    Good one Dean, the shock and horror, the gasping, the clutching of pearls, the glassy stare.
    How dare you question moi ! and my distinguished companions!
    We are not amused!

  5. Guffman Says:

    I too used to think better of Brett Wilson from watching DD. Very disappointing to read the attitude in those tweets.
    One of our country’s highest honours awarded to the guy who made a dildo in the likeness of our Prime Minister?… yeah, that’s Order of Canada merit material for sure Brett. Well done.

    • Liz J Says:

      It might be indicative of where their heads are when they’d award a person who deals in obscenities against our Prime Minister. I’m sick of the lot of them, hoping the Conservatives can hang on for another term to do some real housecleaning at CBC and the Upper Chamber Pot. We need to have elected judges, the present system is an affront to true democracy.

  6. morri Says:

    the order of Canada has about as much value as a chuckie cheese token.

  7. WTF Says:

    If being a comedian is part of the criteria then “That Canadian Guy” is more deserving than Mercer. I used to enjoy Rick Mercer and I’m sure he is a pleasant enough guy but outstanding contribution to the nation? Really? The last 10 years he just comes of as cheesy and preachy JMHO.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Is this not the same panel that Justin Trudeau wants to use as the panel of experts to appoint Senators and Judges; the Media party thinks that is a opening and transparent. Yet the election of Senators by the Provinces is undemocratic. According to JT he would refer to experts when making any kind of appointment.

    • Mary Hines Says:

      As long as all his “so-called experts” on the panels are liberal!…. All he has to do is pick Mansbridge, Solomon and all the media party to serve on his committees and he will have it made…

  9. Martin Says:

    According to the Gazette link above, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin “drove” the appointment of Henry Morgentaler to the order. One has to ask did she “drive” the removal of Conrad Black? As noted at the time of his removal, Black was never charged or convicted of serious crimes in Canada, Morgentaler was, until the law was changed.

    Clearly the Chief Justice should not be involved in choosing members of the Order; conflict of interest should any members appear before the court should preclude the practice. Besides, Justice McLachlin has quite enough power as it is, considering she has never even stood for the lowest municipal elected level. I am quite fatigued hearing of the opinions of this woman.

    • Sean M Says:

      There’s no doubt this creepy arrogant woman wields a tremendous amount of unwarranted, undemocratic power over this nation, a ferocious gatekeeper of the sinister Trudeaupian agenda. She is clearly an ideological radical drunk with unearned and undeserved power. Wilson is an arrogant cockroach hiding from the light of scrutiny exposing an elitist almost fascist attitude, just like McLachlin, although they are both simply cogs in a much darker more corrupt machine carefully and purposefully hidden from public scrutiny. The “Order of Canada”, which Canada are they referring to? These champagne guzzling autocrats should at least change the name of the “order” to something more appropriate like the Morgantaler Award or the award for people who share the same political and social ideology. Having the designation of Canada in this reward is an insult.

      • Martin Says:

        McLachlin had the gall to crow over her and others activist reading of the 1982 constitution before The Canadian Bar Association, the woman has no shame.

  10. Dave Says:

    Not that I’d ever be considered for the farce known as the OOC, but if I was, I’d surely tell them to put it where the sun don’t shine. Oh, and to stay the hell away from me!
    Just sayin’

    • Liz J Says:

      How much longer do we have to put up with this Chiefess of the High Court? I heard a Liberal with credibility even say she was a disgrace. Hard to disagree with that.
      Has anyone ever turned down this pendant on a red and white ribbon?

    • Sean M Says:

      Agreed Dave, I would never want to belong to an order that includes traitors to the nation like Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chretien or woman hating monsters like Morgantaler. This country is diseased.

  11. Nicole Says:

    He is also a prolific womanizer. Anyone read Jess’s blog? Apparently he is playing at least several women at one time. Click ‘load more’ read all the comments.


  12. Centurion Says:

    The Order of Canada is an esteemed award and recognition for liberals and Liberals and nomenklatura, the cognoscenti, prominent progressives and the like.

    The OC committee is composed entirely of members of the “Court Party.” As set in their book, Judges, “The Court Party and the Charter Revolution,” Ted Morton and Rainer Knopff describe them thus: “…’the Court Party,’ a loose coalition of feminists, civil libertarians, government lawyers, Supreme Court clerks, law professors, and social activists, many funded principally by government. In the following excerpt from the book’s first chapter, Morton and Knopff argue that, on its own, the introduction of the Charter did not prompt the Charter revolution. Judges had to decide to take up their new powers, and the Court Party helped them make that decision.”

    Members of the Court Party were largely Liberal party supporters, but would now – to be inclusive – would call themselves ‘progressives.’


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