500 federal NDP staff leave Unifor union after it backed Wynne’s Liberals

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You can’t blame the NDP for not wanting their staff’s dues going to help elect Liberals:

Some 500 New Democrat parliamentary staffers are parting company with the labour union that represents them…

Unifor was created last fall through the merger of the Canadian Auto Workers and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers unions. The roughly 500 NDP staffers on Parliament Hill and in MPs’ constituency offices, who had belonged to the CEP, became members of Local 232 of Unifor. (see here)

No word from the media members who also belong to this union of course.

Also: See earlier post when the Ontario journalists issued a press release backing Wynne’s Liberals here


8 Responses to “500 federal NDP staff leave Unifor union after it backed Wynne’s Liberals”

  1. Liz J Says:

    We better start hoping the NDP don’t get wiped out by the Liberals or this country will be led by a pseudo leader who is merely a front man for the “brains” behind the black curtain. right now the media has everyone going ga ga over the Trudeau spawn, setting up for Trudeau mania revisited. There needs to be a concerted effort by responsible Canadians to educate the voters by whatever means possible of the inherent danger of electing what amounts to the proverbial pig in a pole to run the country.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So there are 500 staff supporting 43 MPs? It can’t see that what an opposition MP does to fill a day, let alone the 12 or so people working for him or her.

  3. morri Says:

    no one working for any level of government should be allowed to join a union. unless and until I can be part of the bargaining group and the taxpayer gets the final say, yea or nay, to any contract.

    • Steve o Says:

      Morri Let’s just make this a right to work Province, all union dues is payed by it’s members personally to the union.Let their dollars say if they agree with the union direction or not. I cannot understand why anyone would pay someone else for the RIGHT to work in any industry, private or public. I have noticed over the years that all a union dose is reduce everyone to the lowest level of competence. If the only reason you get a promotion is years of service and experience does not count is wrong and discourages a person who wants to get ahead on their abilities and experience and not years of service. Unfortunately I do not see this BS changing any time soon…Steve O

  4. andycanuck Says:

    Oh no! Imagine your union dues going towards a political party you don’t support!! That doesn’t happen to anyone else!

  5. Sean M Says:

    I guess the NDP, or at least their “workers” are figuring out the “Liberal”/ Union alliance strategy going into the next election which of course is to, “out left” the NDP. The “Liberals” under the rule of radical leftists and fronted by an imbecile with an infamous name are taking a page out of the Ontario Liberal/Marxist gang playbook… go left, far left, while secretly promising the unions everything no matter the consequences inherent in such an unholy alliance. This is a strategy that guarantees Union support for the Liberal/Marxists right across the country corrupting and perverting the electoral process along the way… anything for power. Instead of the bad optics inherent in the Liberals merging with the far left NDP they simply out left them, essentially making the NDP irrelevant. IMO the NDP leadership is complicit in this nefarious scheme and are selling out their workers, choosing ideology over loyalty. Mulchair and the NDP leadership would be happy to see the “Liberals” in power, birds of a feather, while pretending otherwise… if the Liberals are going to impose a radical NDP agenda then the NDP leadership are quite pleased to commit suicide or take a dive in order to see that happen even if it means selling out their workers and selling their souls for backdoor power.

  6. Bec Says:

    A tidy little explanation bow being tied up.

    The Unions are corrupt, irresponsible and anyone who is a member in this day and age, mostly told who to vote for to keep their job. These people (union members) for the most part care nothing about their country, who pays their wages (they tend to think they do because they pay taxes) and so this generation of union employees are self serving.

    Sadly that was not what was intended when unions started. It however is the reality now, Unions are thugs.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Wynne is proving to be as snaky as her predecessor McGuinty ,who buggered off to Harvard and kept out of sight during the election, it was by design, not accident. After promising she would be doing things differently we have McGuinty showing up at the opening of the summer session of the Legislature and received with open arms, hugs all around, now he feels vindicated after leaving the worst mess in the history of the province to be PAID for and cleaned up.
    Ontario is drunk with stupidity, they can’t face up to the reality, until somebody pulls the plug well be drowning in debt.

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