Did Jim Prentice park in a handicap spot at Stampede event?

Prentice Pancake Breakfast

Parking is obviously at a massive premium during the Calgary Stampede and when this photo was posted on Twitter apparently showing a SUV marked with Alberta PC leader wannabe Jim Prentice’s name on it, eyebrows went up:

prenticeI haven’t received confirmation that Prentice was even driving this vehicle although some of his defenders have stated that this stall was indeed not marked exclusively for handicap usage so I’m assuming he was behind the wheel.

I’ve never seen such a wide parking stall that wasn’t marked for a specific purpose and this would be easy to prove or disprove as someone from Calgary could go to take a picture of the spot – anyone?

Update: Another photo of Prentice’s car being parked with added entitlements has popped up:



7 Responses to “Did Jim Prentice park in a handicap spot at Stampede event?”

  1. Liz J Says:

    He probably thought it was for VIP’s….

  2. Searle Says:

    Going to get a picture of “the spot” if there can be no doubt.

  3. Liz J Says:

    How many horses will be killed because of the stupid chuck wagon races is of more concern to me than the spectacle of all the politicos who attend the stampede to flip pancakes or whatever. I don’t apologize to any Calgarians who may be offended.

    • Searle Says:

      We’re talking about a politician parking where he shouldn’t…what’s this about some horses???

      • Liz J Says:

        So I’m slightly off topic. Prentice was parked there to attend a Stampede event so that reminded me of something I feel strongly against, chuck wagon races which I consider extremely dangerous for horses. That’s it, that’s all, the Blog owner didn’t scold me or not allow my comment.

  4. david Says:

    Horseflesh,blood, guts, gore, danger, speed….that is the greatest outdoor show on earth, Liz. Sorry if you are offended. I like your daily remarks, but I disagree with you this one time.

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