Nanaimo councillor who refused to apologise for banning Christians is a big Trudeau fan

anderson 2

Tell me you’re surprised that the lone Nanaimo City councillor hold-out on voting to rescind and apologize for their May 5th motion to ban Christians from using the local convention centre (see here) is retweeting pictures of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and Lefty Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi like a fan-boy:

anderson And why Anderson was too busy to attend the Nanaimo council meeting when this vote took place you ask – he was in Vancouver padding his Liberal photo portfolio:

anderson 1Liberal priorities.


8 Responses to “Nanaimo councillor who refused to apologise for banning Christians is a big Trudeau fan”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Birds of a feather? Like it or not, we are often judged by the people we associate with and that includes politics.
    If we really care about the tenets this country was built upon we better now take heed,there are elements at play, bucked by the Trudeau Charter and the Lefty, unelected judges warning the seats in the Upper Chamber, that could take us down a slippery slope to a socialistic state. Trudeau Sr admired Commie dictatorships, his son. now being foisted on us by the Liberals and the various media slugs, has already stated he admires the Chinese Communist state.
    Time to wake up and see the light.

  2. Fat Tony Says:

    If he does not get re-elected this fall, you are looking at the future liberal mp for Nanaimo.

  3. Liz J Says:

    How far has Nanaimo fallen….they used to be famous for Nanaimo bars……now they’ve been made famous for a bunch of bigoted clods who have infested their City administration. Apologies just don’t cut it in this case.

  4. Monkey Says:

    The Liberals will probably come in third as usual in Nanaimo. In fact the better they do the better the chances of the Tories winning those seats as the NDP not the Liberals are the party on the left who has the best chance of beating the Tories for those who are into strategic voting.

  5. Sean M Says:

    Another proud “Liberal” bigot too stupid, intolerant and stubbornly ideological to admit when he’s wrong, although he is a “Liberal” so he probably believes he;s never wrong, even when he is… what a fool, a dangerous fool. You have to wonder what kind of person would vote for such an intellectually challenged bigot.

  6. morri Says:

    which is worse, muslims or liberals? a combination of the two will be very dangerous.

  7. Rob C Says:

    Ignorance is bliss until it is caught on video. As such it makes the “high minded” councilors look like a team graduated straight out of Elmer Fudds University of stupidity. Anyone in a public office has the burden of truth and right judgement placed upon them. These cuckoos allowed their minds to launch into the muddy river of mob mentality. In doing so they have shown the world that they lack all faculties of discernment and good government. Surely Nanaimo deserves better, people who think perhaps, and not those who’s sole purpose is to make a name for themselves whipping an imaginary horse. I think the Emperor got a new set of clothes and they are showing.

  8. david Says:

    And they still have the cheek to run for re-election. Huh?

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