Calgary Herald columnist calls Harper “old” – he’s 55


Besides the irony of a columnist at the advanced age of Don Braid labelling PM Stephen Harper “old” is this continued Media Party theme that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is a young breath of fresh air:

What worries the Conservatives, though, is that it might not work. Like his father Pierre in 1968, Justin Trudeau could carry the country on a wave of emotion and adulation. (see here)

Of course Braid doesn’t mention Harper was 43 when he won the leadership of the Canadian Alliance – I guess that is really old when compared to Trudeau being 42.


And to prove Braid should be the one put out to pasture, is this garbage by him on disgraced ex-premier Allison Redford’s former press secretary Neala Barton:

Meanwhile, the government could use a few more people like Neala Barton, a mid-level staffer who did something selfless, and now refuses to boast about it. (see here)

Either Braid intentionally omitted Barton’s scandalous past or didn’t do a lick of research before writing that puff-piece:

She was a communications staffer for Ontario health minister David Caplan, till he resigned rather abruptly over the brewing eHealth scandal in 2009 (one largely bequeathed to him by his predecessor George Smitherman). She was press secretary to Dalton McGuinty till he resigned rather abruptly in fall 2012. She landed on her feet, though, quickly getting a new job with Alberta premier Alison Redford. Till she, uh, resigned rather abruptly last week.

Barton’s landed on her feet again, scooping up a communications gig with the organizing committee for the Pan-Am Games in 2015, a committee chaired by former Liberal premier David Peterson. (see here)

This isn’t just a reflection on Braid – by allowing this Barton piece to go to print, it tells you everything you need to know about the Calgary Herald.



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  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    An Order of Canada must be presented to this woman.
    A new catagory called “landing on your feet running for the exit” is in order.
    Seriously, she does show class by not taking the money.
    As for PM Harper being “old” at 55 well, from the looks a this guy he should not be buying any green bananas.

  2. bocanut Says:

    Baird must be a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Progressive 1% School of Fact Finding,
    Good thing he has Dean to do his job for him.
    Barton was the genius who believed that releasing a story bout the banning of tanning beds for those under 18 would take the heat of the Gas Plant scandal.
    Obviously she has extremely little respect for both her and the public’s intelligence.
    Let’ she how this idiot tries and spin the Pan Am Games fiasco.

  3. Liz J Says:

    If 55 is old there are a lot of productive people working well past their dotage like doctors,dentists, people who we trust our well being with for starters. In politics it takes time to gain experience and maturity, Trudeau must be in his prime according to this twit and if he’s an example, I’ll take the “old” guy at 55.

    We need a spray to get rid of these hangers on in and around politics as they float across the country from one job to another under the same political colours. If anyone involved with the McGuinty disaster at any level had any shame they’d bugger off and STFU but that’s not a strong point among Ontario Liberals or the idiots who elect them.

  4. Al in Cranbrook Says:

    Yesterday I caught a broadcast of “Dennis Miller: America 180 Degrees”.
    I laughed until I was in tears! My favorite: “…Liberals suffer Intention Deficit Disorder”.
    The first 15 minutes in particular is a scream! Don’t miss it!

    • TangoJuliette Says:

      YES!!! He was “smash-mouth” terrific. Glib, rapid-fire and on the money. Poor lighting though, it seemed. His “shot” at Canadian medicare seemed a bit over the top to me. Maybe his Canadian-wife has some unhappy relatives still living up here.

      • oldwhiteguy Says:

        Canadian medicare needs to be shot at. people think it is great. I call b.s.. when a young couple goes bankrupt while treating their early teen daughter for cancer and she dies, the death had nothing to do with the bankruptcy it is related to all the so called extras we pay for in our so called free system. I say the system sucks and does not provide what is needed during catastrophic illness. I can cite more than one documented case. we have fund raisers for everything from cancer to hospitals. so much for the massive amounts that are sucked out of our pockets for medical care. waits of over one year for surgery to repair a damaged shoulder so the man can go back to work. I could go on and on.

  5. Martin Says:

    Postmedia columnists have ratcheted up the pro-Trudeau rhetoric since the Liberal sweep of Ont. They finally have given up on a re-do of the 2011 election, now all effort is spent on the anti-Harper spin and the closeness of 2015. A full court press is on to repeat the Ont success at the federal level. I expect to read of this for the coming year if I look at their papers.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yup, with NP’s Den Tandt leading the charge

      • Hans Says:

        Just hit ’em hard with the Ronnie Raygun Reply:

        “I won’t hold my opponents youth and inexperience against him!”


        Hans Rupprecht Commander in Chief

        Frankenstein Battalion
        Knecht Rupprecht Division
        Hans Corps
        1st Saint Nicolaas Army
        Army Group “True North”

    • Sean M Says:

      You got it… keep a lot of gravol around cause the media’s election campaign for their middle aged boy blunder is going to cause extreme unrelenting nausea.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    The Charge of the Blight Brigade;
    Indeed, expect many more “news storys” re blunder boy and how worried conservatives are.
    If I was not Conservative I would still be very worried, the one trick pony never stops talking and at least once a week runs out another policy disaster.
    Never, ever runs out of stupid.
    Must be a genetic thang.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Apparently it’s a terrible and juvenile thing for PM Harper to be attacking little Justin of Trudeau saying Conservatives are worried. Huh? Isn’t he the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada who they and the media are trying to foist upon this country as Prime Minister? Harper is doing his job, that’s what politics is all about.Trudeau sure needs to be called on some of his bimbo outbursts, the fate of Canada is at stake should we get an incompetent at the helm. So yes, damn right we’re worried, all responsible Canadians should inform themselves beyond the printed rags and the scummy MSM.

  8. Jen Says:

    What a sexist piece of work.

    Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae, Stephan Dion, Jean Chretien even Jack Layton were way older than PM Harper.

    How old are the reporters whose brains have fried and no longer able to function because of age. I am positive there are lots of them.

  9. Centurion Says:

    Don Braid is an old liberal hack who’s been stuck in the Herald for nearly a century. He doesn’t like the PM because of his former association with the Reform and Canadian Alliance parties. He’s part of that “Court Party” I mentioned elsewhere.

  10. Christopher Says:

    For some obvious reasons, Justin Trudeau always reminds of Justin Bieber. Two weirdos.

  11. oldwhiteguy Says:

    Canadians are so poorly informed they just might think young trudeau knows what he is talking about. we of course know better, at least I do.

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