Media Party and Liberal’s outrage on prostitution witness question blows up in their faces


The Media Party and opposition parties got in full-outrage mode over a question posed to Bill C-36 committee witness Timea Nagy yesterday by Conservative MP Robert Goguen.


Liberal justice critic Sean Casey:

said Goguen should be taken off the justice committee and removed as parliamentary secretary to the justice minister for the line of questioning


And this from Ottawa Citizen’s Kate Heartfield:

Conservative MP Robert Goguen should not be welcome in the Conservative caucus. His stupid and cruel use of a victim of gang rape to help him score a cheap rhetorical joke was an offence not only to the woman who had to live through his glib hypothesizing about her experience, but also to the dignity of Parliament. (see here)

One big problem for Heartfield and Casey –  Nagy wasn’t upset about the question:

Timea Nagy, an advocate for women forced into prostitution, says she wasn’t offended by a Conservative MP’s questions at a committee meeting Monday, when he compared her gang rape to the importance of freedom of expression. (see here)

It’s bad enough when a politician goes mouthing-off without knowing what they are talking about but you would at least expect a journalist to ask the person in question their opinion before speaking on their behalf.

Heartfield is so arrogant that she believed her outrage was shared by Nagy when in fact Nagy is actually very upset with the media:

“The journalist who started this ‘scandal’ did not take the time to come and ask me how I felt,” Nagy said in Toronto. “But when we asked him why he didn’t interview me, his simple answer was: why should he?(see here)

I’m not sure who this journalist is but will update if I can find out.


Update: From what I can find, there were 3 articles written yesterday on Nagy 1) Aaron Wherry 2) Kate Heartfield 3) Emmett Macfarlane (see here) and since Macfarlane’s wasn’t critical of Gogeun, that leaves the remaining male being Macleans’ Wherry.

I’ve asked Wherry if it was him and will update if he responds or I can confirm from someone else.

Update: Wherry denies it was him:



Update: And we have a winner…turns out it was freelance journalist Justin Ling:

semkiw ling




9 Responses to “Media Party and Liberal’s outrage on prostitution witness question blows up in their faces”

  1. Joseph Says:

    There they go again confirming the conservatives belief that the media are just an extention of the liberal party.

  2. Millennium Outlaw Says:

    I’m no fan of Bill C-36. I think it’s a ridiculous, toothless piece of legislation along the lines of the restriction on Craigslist escort ads (the escorts just moved to and that was it). I’ve also known several sex workers in various branches of the industry and none of them would be classified as “forced slaves”. They went into the sex industry willingly and with their eyes open. There are also laws in place for human trafficking, forced slavery and rape; having read this bill in its entirety, it’s not as if this bill does anything that existing laws don’t.

    However, the “unbiased” media is just as guilty as the government of rhetoric and propaganda, and this is a classic example. Fact checking is secondary to the story, and interviewing and listening to any person who can provide contrary information or a point of view is implicitly prohibited. This is why Nagy wasn’t interviewed…her point of view was considered irrelevant. The “journalist’s” personal experience with sexual assault is somehow considered sufficient, which is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Here we go again, one after the other piling on desperately trying to create a scandal, all the while we are supposed to consider them non-partisan journalists as they ooze their bias. They’re a pack of niggling nit picking twits ready to pounce, giving their biased opinions before bothering to let the facts unfold and speak for themselves.

    The media are the offenders, trying to be offended for Nagy who wasn’t at all offended, to stir up another pseudo scandal against the Conservatives. This is really pathetic in the extreme and it’s not likely to get any better, the infestation is proliferating.

  4. oldwhiteguy Says:

    prostitution should be illegal as it was in the past. charge both the sellers and the buyers and keep at it if you really want to protect women. the mental contortions that have been gone through to produce the silliness that is bill c-36 seem much like a farce only not on stage.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Whatever the controversy, the MM must attack anything Conservative , to hell with facts.
    To not interview Timea Nagy, who was not shocked and horrified by the questions, perhaps in fear her response would not fit the “narrative” is simply biased and bigoted to the tenth power.
    Nothing new here folks.
    If only boy blunders bimbo eruptions were as finely parsed.

  6. Harkov Says:

    Heh. So it was a wannabe journalist “freelancer”, huh?

  7. Centurion Says:

    Heartthrob is just another dumb Liberal ****.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This is a very complex social issue and arguably one that requires responsible change. The interests of social justice aims to protect the innocents, victimized by organized crime (pimping) of the vulnerable women and adolescents in our near perfect society and at the same time merge with the 21st century. It is high time we took a reasoned approach to this issue. I, for one, am in favor a sanitized and somewhat legal prostitution which may solve many of the victimization by pimps and at the same time sanitize the problems inherent in the prostitution scourge we have to police today.

    The freaks who pimp out the young, vulnerable women now must be punished severely. Much stronger criminal penalties must me meted out and no length of sentencing is too much. Decriminalized prostitution must be contemplated to protect the innocent as much as possible and this includes registration of this activity, medical monitoring and treatment and, to a lesser extent taxation, and the like.

    This argument may not be a panacea for all that ails the sex trade, but I think it may eliminate or make things much harder for those who prey on the vulnerable women engaged in this activity. The pimps and organized criminals are the culprits of the horrors of this terrible crime. And I speak of one who was indirectly subjected to theses crimes as a loved one of mine was harmed by this and if I had caught the pimp I would have murdered him. It is so important that this issue be addressed with the best intentions of the victims. And with the primary aim of severely punishing the profiteers of this most heinous crime against young women.

  9. Bubba Brown Says:

    Friday morning update a very good article on prostitution worth reading*
    The SNN gets the heavy lifting done once again.

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