Andrew Coyne proves National Post is no better than Star by running Rob Ford rehab column


The National Post was once head-and-shoulders above what other newspapers offered and sneering at others for garbage journalism used to be commonplace by their journos but they long ago lost the right to look down their noses at others.

Case in point is their top columnist, Andrew Coyne’s latest where he joins the Toronto Star (see here) in writing about anonymous-sourced and confidential medical information on Rob Ford:

Apparently all did not go quite according to plan during Rob Ford’s stint in rehab. The Toronto Star, quoting sources at the GreeneStone facility north of Toronto, reports His Worship spent most of his time there alone in his room watching TV.

Group therapy sessions were marked by physical and verbal attacks on other inmates.

And to top it off, Coyne seriously wrote this:

He may even have been on drugs the whole time. (see here)

Now keep in mind that it was Coyne who spiked the Jack Layton whorehouse story and had this to say about Sun News at the time:

“I guess all I can say is I’d rather be caught naked in a massage parlour than fully clothed working for SunNews” (see here)

Coyne’s morals and integrity are self-admittedly interchangeable and the National Post who pays him, has turned into the Star.


10 Responses to “Andrew Coyne proves National Post is no better than Star by running Rob Ford rehab column”

  1. Deryk Says:

    Yellow journalism seems to be an equal opportunity vice.

  2. bocanut Says:

    Coyne should ask Bozo why he never mentions his half sister,daughter of Coyne’s cousin.

  3. 1957chev Says:

    Seems Coyne is no better than any other lefty. It’s not the level immorality,in what you do, it’s which party which he believes you’re affiliated with. Not any difference between him, and any other gossip reporter.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    The Rob Ford continuing bully-a-thon , if it was taking place in a junior high school it would result in suspensions for bullying, harrassment and stalking.
    The man can’t even go and get help without it being another chapter written by the bullies quoting “sources”
    Shameful and tells me everything I need to know about nearly all media in this country.
    That Mayor Ford did not rise up and applaud gay week in TO is apparently also an issue.
    If junior bozo stripped naked, painted himself beige, stuck a broomstick in his fundement, and pranced down the street shrieking “lick me, I’m a fudgesicle”
    The MM would be lining up for a lick, and writing articles praising bozo’s “edgeiness” and fabulous footwork

  5. Clary Says:

    Why is this crap in the Montreal Gazette (and I assume all PostCrapmedia papers) anyway?

  6. Sean M Says:

    Coyne is a Liberal Party shill and has been for years, why the NP hired him after he used his bully pulpit at MacLeans Magazine to openly campaign for the Liberal Party during the last election is a mystery. Coyne has become even more irrational and angry since he left MacLeans for the Post. Coyne is on his own personal jhihad against the Conservative Government, and Conservatives in general, he just seems petty, irrational and almost to the point of complete derangement. Maybe its his Family relations to the Trudozos that causes his partisan rantings and gossipy innuendo, disguised as “journalism”,maybe it’s his undying love and servitude to his hero Pierre Trudeaus legacy that has caused Coynes mind to shrink, who knows… Either way ,its pretty hard to take the guy seriously. One things for sure when it comes to the sophomoric partisan rantings of Coyne, he is not a journalist. Perhaps his impotence and inability to influence others to “vote Liberal” has rendered him a complete idiot having a childish and prolonged temper tantrum, either way the man is a colossally arrogant fool and a bully.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Ford is being bullied by most all in the media, it’s beyond just overkill, it’s bordering on criminal to following and stalking him relentlessly, it’s enough to drive anyone to drink. How many of them could withstand such treatment and be the perfect examples of exemplary behaviour and decorum in their off hours in their private lives?
    One thing they may not realize, they may have contributed to Ford’s decision to seek help and go on to win the Mayoralty race, their whole dirty scheme will have backfired. Here’s to mud in their beady little eyes.

  8. Lorna Draper (@Linkmeister53) Says:

    Looks like the National Post lost another customer over this article…..that would be me. Just fed up with the bullying of Mayor Ford. It reminds me of the paparazzi’s obsession with Princess Diana.

    It’s one thing for the Star to write gutter stories like this, it’;s another thing for the Post – Coyne in particualy, to hang on to the coattails of this piece of garbage.

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