CBC story on Marc Emery and Justin Trudeau smoking weed together omits big details

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Reading the piece from CBC’s Mark Gollom titled “Marc Emery, the prince of pot, may be a liability for the Liberals” a couple things jumped out at me:

Emery already had claimed a certain pot-related history with Trudeau, having once said in a video that he had smoked pot with Trudeau up to five times. Trudeau denied the story, saying he had met Emery once but didn’t smoke during their encounter. Emery later admitted what he said was wrong. (see here)

This leaves the impression that Emery recanted which is not true according to Marc Emery’s wife Jodie:

emery And:


You’ll also notice that Gollom didn’t mention Marc Emery had called Trudeau a “Fucking hypocrite” over this:

I’ve asked Gollom if he was aware of these details before writing his story and will update if he responds.

Also: See earlier post on Jodie Emery stating she will run as a candidate for the Liberals here



9 Responses to “CBC story on Marc Emery and Justin Trudeau smoking weed together omits big details”

  1. Deryk Says:

    At one time a politician would promise “a chicken in every pot”. Now the Liberals can promise “pot with every chicken”. The way this country is going, it might work.

  2. Liz J Says:

    We have a dangerous entity in this country, it’s called the mainstream media, their main job is to demonize the Harper Conservatives and hide the truths about their choice to govern, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party. The fact neither the party or their front man Justin are fit to govern is of no concern, they don’t care if the country goes to pot or goes bankrupt as long as they get rid of this Conservative government.
    Unless the people wake up we will have a massive mess in this country similar to what happened in Ontario with unions and media meddling in the political process.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    The parsing, the splitting of hairs so fine and dare I say Liberal?
    So I am still confused, was it dozens of “tokes” one one occasion, or dozens of “smokes” on numerous occasions?
    The plot and sanctimonious clap-trap is thicker than Juniors hubris.
    Of course Junior admited smoking dope at home, brought by an unamed guest, the kids were packed up and safe at Grandma’s smoke free house……… oh wait.
    Articles featuring the little carbon prince should really be prefaced with “Once upon a time”…………….
    Apparently the big news today is Abacus has the Liberals 3% ahead of the Conservatives.
    Most articles don’t mention the 3% the Conservatives have gained on the Liberals,
    I don’t answer 1-800 numbers, talk to polsters and I don’t think most people do either, slow news day I guess.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    Whoops! Meat to add this, there is a poll here and the “good guys” are ahead, vote early and often!

  5. Liz J Says:

    The way Trideau is zigging and zagging on issues depending on where he is at any given time on any issue he should be henceforth be referred to as “Ziggy”, close enough to Iggy to jog some memories and the failure he was due to lack of experience and from a different social standing in life than the average Canadian.

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      Indeed Liz J if smoking pot is so wonderful why is Junior so “scattered” in his responses to very basic questions?
      Indeed why pack the kids off to grandmas house if pot is good for you?
      The cat-fight between the “prince of pot and the prince of pot” is somewhat entertaining but even more enlightening.
      JT keeps throwing things out there, his statement that Canada is doing poorly cause we have a PM from the West, and Quebec owns Canada?
      The economy will heal itself?
      A Carbon tax ro once again cripple the West.
      I am sure there is a whole lot more but I can tell you this old guy dosen’t like “speaking bozo”
      His interpeaters/apoligists in MM love this man/boy.

  6. david Says:

    The Prince of Pot and Trudeau’s pot smoking aside, I think the Princess of Pot is quite engaging. Will she be taken into the Liberal fold? She’s quite well spoken charming. I like to see more of her. And, depending on who she runs against, she just might win if she tows the ill defined Liberal platform.

    • Sean M Says:

      The princess of Pot will have to beat Davies of the NDP and she’s been there forever, getting fat and rich while the “poor people” stay poor. Stoney Joanie will have to win the Liberal nomination, and while we know Justine the clown Trudozo has stated the Liberals will have open nominations, everyone knows thats b*****t. The only issue I’ve ever heard Stoney Joanie talk about is how much she loves weed, although she does do that well, I’m not entirely convinced that pot smoking philosophers are much needed.

    • Frank Says:

      the “Princess of Pot” is NOT engaging. Well Spoken and charming? Have you ever gotten into a “debate” with her? If you’re not on her side, kissing her hind side she will launch a verbal attack on you and so will her little lackeys. Nothing charming about that AT ALL! I am SO glad the Liberal Party just released the statement that they have not endorsed the Emerys!! Jodie Emery is a whiny, rude and self-entitled wannabe! Just look how she sniped at the author above…yeah real charming.

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