Another CBC associate director charged with voyeurism


What are the odds of this making it on The National tonight?:

A long-time CBC employee is facing four charges of voyeurism after police found hidden cameras in his Toronto apartment, allegedly used to take photographs and videos of guests without their consent.

Ian Campbell, 61, was charged after Toronto Police searched his home near George Street and The Esplanade. In addition to hidden cameras, police found a “massive amount of information” on computers and hard drives, according to Constable David Hopkinson.

Last October, another CBC associate director was charged with voyeurism, mischief and defamatory libel.

Police alleged that David Sealy, who was 56, secretly videotaped a woman renting a room in his Toronto home and posted a video, showing her naked, on the Internet. (see here)

This got me thinking of when CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix went ape over a Sun News report of sexual work-place claims at the CBC:

Hubert Lacroix charged that the Sun News host Brian Lilley engaged in “speculation and innuendo” when he reportedly linked the CBC to both sexual harassment at the RCMP and the child sex scandal currently engulfing the British Broadcasting Corporation. “He insists that he`s just doing his job, holding CBC to account,” said Mr. Lacroix. “If that was true, you would think he might have asked us a single question about this before he launched his attack.” (see here)

Turns out the CBC is a hotbed of sexual harassment.


6 Responses to “Another CBC associate director charged with voyeurism”

  1. 1957chev Says:

    Government funding should be stopped, until this mess is cleaned up entirely. The CBC represents only a small percentage of the population anyway. (Those on the far left…)

  2. Deryk Says:

    It appears that Sealy and Campbell have been using video cameras “liberally”.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Don’t tell us the CBC is a cesspool of dirty old men?

    Would Lilley have gotten a straight answer, like the truth, had he spoken to Hubie and company before he “launched his attack”? The CBC and the rest of the media party just can’t deal in facts, the truth has to be altered according to the possible damage it might inflict on their reputation, it’s all about them. The CBC employees work for us, our taxes pay their salaries, we have a right to expect open dialogue with it’s head honcho on issues as they arise and demand appropriate action be taken.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    CBC =hidden cameras,= voyeurism, explains why I feel the need of a shower after watching anything on the CBC,.

  5. Scott M Says:

    What are the odds of this making it on The National tonight?:

    About same odds of me voting for Justin Trudeau

  6. DW Says:


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