Canadian Press acts as propaganda outlet for Hamas


Canada has listed Hamas as a terrorist entity since 2002 yet sympathetic Media Party organizations still call them a “militant group”. Case in point is this from CP’s Mike Blanchfield titled “Palestinians urge Ottawa to press Israel to stop Gaza attack”:

The Palestinian delegation in Ottawa has asked the Harper government to talk Israel out of its land invasion of Gaza.

The Palestinian statement was issued hours after Israel launched its first major offensive into Gaza in five years, following 10 days of airstrikes aimed at stopping the militant group Hamas from firing rockets at Israeli cities.

“For the past 11 days the world has stood by as the Palestinians of Gaza have been subjected to indiscriminate killings and collective punishment,” the statement said. (see here)

Think about the mindset of a reporter who not only refuses to call Hamas a terrorist organization but is so willing to regurgitate their press releases – it’s sickening.

I’d also love someone more familiar with Canada’s terrorism laws explain to me how a Hamas “delegation” is possibly set up in Ottawa because Blanchfield doesn’t say.

Also: See earlier post on me asking Blanchfield about his softball interview of Russia’s ambassador here


6 Responses to “Canadian Press acts as propaganda outlet for Hamas”

  1. E Mac Says:

    Simple lesson in history – You play with the bull, you get the horn.
    How dumb can you be?

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    The irony of the situation is that the residents of Gaza will benefit greatly along with Israel from the removal of a bunch of teriost thugs.
    Win, win IMO the progressive weenie/MM would have protested D-Day as well
    I am proud of the stance taken by our Conservative Government.
    Where is Junior aka blunder boy on this?
    Lookin’ for root causes and pressing his dish-dasha for friday prayers?

  3. Sean M Says:

    The Media Party are a diseased beast, as diseased as the terrorists they apologize for and the political movements, Liberals, NDP Marxists, “progressives” that they support. Like terrorists, the Media Party are dishonest, cowardly and driven by a warped ideology. Also like terrorists the Media Party are in a constant state of war against their perceived and imagined enemies, their biggest enemies being the truth, peace, democracy, and reconciliation.

  4. DW Says:


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