800 Hamas supporters violently protest in Calgary – Mayor Nenshi silent

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Media Party super-star Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi has never met a microphone he didn’t like, unless of course it happens to be about something as vile and eye-blackening for his city like a massive rally in support of a terrorist organization at City Hall:

Hundreds of Palestinian supporters had marched on City Hall for a planned demonstration over long-standing conflicts with Israel. The clashes began when a few Israeli supporters stood at the edge of the growing Palestinian crowd holding Israeli flags.

Each side lobbed accusations at the other over violence in Gaza and Israel, sparking a tense standoff that escalated when a Palestinian supporter grabbed the Israeli flag.

In the violent confrontation that followed, Jeff Willerton, the pro-Israeli who had been holding the flag, was punched several times and knocked down. The area swelled with demonstrators from either side as some tried to break up the conflict and others fuelled it. (see here)

Nenshi is apparently away at a family wedding so of course that gives him and his Media Party allies cover to not respond. It’s not like he isn’t adored for his attachment and usage of social media like Twitter.

Tell me if this had been 800 KKK supporters, Nenshi and the Ottawa Media Party wouldn’t have jumped all over this immediately.

Also: See earlier post where reporter Jen Gerson called me a racist when I challenged Nenshi’s silence over Calgary becoming a well-known terrorist breeding-ground here



16 Responses to “800 Hamas supporters violently protest in Calgary – Mayor Nenshi silent”

  1. Liz J Says:

    I realize we are a democracy, but when the government declares a murderous Islamic tribe to be terrorists, why are their supporters allowed to protest in our streets and attack people who protest peacefully against them? They need to be identified whether they are calling themselves Canadians or not.

    We need to smarten up, stop the stupidity of trusting them, allowing them to infiltrate our politics at all levels by voting for them and giving them tenure in our universities.
    I think our politicians need to look up the meaning of treason. We have the Omar Khadr case as an example of Treason, he’s never been charged for it but what he did qualifies as a clear case. The day he steps out of prison he should be slapped with this charge and given no chance of suing us for millions.

  2. Alain Says:

    Actually 800 KKK supporters would not be necessary, all you would need would be one lay Christian pastor offering free Bibles. If anyone had suggested to me 20 to 30 years ago that you would find this kind of crap in Calgary, I would have laughed. Actually if anyone had suggested that Calgarians would elect a Nenshi, I would have done the same.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    This is just the beginning folks.
    They are marching in support of thugs and criminals and beating up Canadians who stand and protest peacefully.
    This is not what our Fathers fought for.
    The “Police” response is shameful and cowardly, just look at England and see where that leads.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Nenshi and his Media Party enablers are as guilty of expressed hatred against the Jewish State as this unruly mob, expressed by their silence. Where are the cops? Why aren’t the cops making arrests, or has assault by radicals against supporters of Israel become okay. What a disgusting display of intolerance and hatred. If Nenshi doesn’t come out and denounce this type of behaviour than he is no better than the thugs in the streets of Calgary. You never see these same anti Israel thugs condemning the murderous savagery of Issis or the Muslim brutality against Christians across the Middle East, yet they get all lathered up with hatred for Israel simply for defending itself against a declared terrorist organization lobbing rockets into Israel. It is a mystery as to why the citizens of Calgary would have elected such a divisive ideological Mayor in the first place… I guess the citizens of Calgary have been infected with the insideous disease of political correctness. Wake the hell up people!

    • Liz J Says:

      I’m wondering how much Calgary has changed demographically when this sort of **** goes on and the Mayor is silent and the law and order/law enforcers lay no charges. We can bet our sweet bippies there would be an entirely different reaction if Israeli supporters got obnoxious and violent against the Hamas supporters.
      If I lived in Calgary I’d be looking for answers and be very concerned.

      I reiterate, “wake the hell up people” but it may fall on deaf ears at this juncture, they may need some bigger riots in their streets or worse for that to happen, they’ve been emboldened.

      • Bubba Brown Says:

        Well said Liz J if this bunch of terriost wanna-bes is so brave why don’t the run all the way back to Gaza and fight.
        The police response is shameful, lying cowards all.

        • Liz J Says:

          They’re no doubt dual citizens, they’re free to go fight but they’d prefer real Canadians do that for them while they eat well and breed in safety here with the Trudeau Charter to fight us with. We need to worry about the children they birth here who will be next generations of Canadians and what they will be taught in their enclaves, will the old hatreds be instilled.

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  6. E Mac Says:

    Nenshi is a gutless slug and should be voted/turfed as necessary ASAP – at the earliest opportunity.
    You Calgarians can be compared to the ON vermin who voted in the Libs Wynne and her predecessor McGuilty.
    Why is it you people have $#!t for brains?

    • Clary Says:

      **** for brains is exactly what Calgareians have. They deserve everything coming to them. Enjoy poverty because that is whats next. Keep up this crap and Canadians will drop you. Wait till junior Turdeau is PM. No economy in Alberta or Canada but Palestine will get tons of our money.

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  9. Julia Says:

    if we have Palestinians demonstrating, then they must go home and do it there. If we have Canadians demonstrating , they shall behave like Canadians and not as being in Palestine.
    If it is not stopped, we will have what Europe is already experiencing now – united Muslim pressure on politicians and on media
    and their bowing to this pressure.

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