Federal Liberal candidate spoke at violent pro-Hamas rally in Calgary


Alberta Liberal MLA Darshan Kang who will be running for the federal Liberal Party (see here) was a featured speaker at the anti-Israel rally (see here) in Calgary that turned violent:

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights — a University of Calgary club — and Justice for Palestinians organized the protest, which began at 6:00 p.m. Organizers sent out the invitation on Wednesday, the day before Israel began its ground invasion.

“Now it’s just a lot of anger because the amount of dead has gone three-fold since last time we protested,” Hamdan said. “We’re here to tell our government that they should be calling for a ceasefire which they aren’t doing.”

Speakers included SPHR president Ala’a Hamdan, U of C professor Arthur Clarke and Liberal MLA for Calgary-Skyview and federal Liberal Party candidate Garshan Kang. (see here)

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi isn’t the only politician who needs to be asked by the media about this (see here) as now Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has some serious explaining to do also.

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30 Responses to “Federal Liberal candidate spoke at violent pro-Hamas rally in Calgary”

  1. 1957chev Says:

    I hope people are paying attention, and they can see Trudeau, for the radical, that he really is.

  2. Deryk Says:

    The Media Party will not ask them.

  3. Fat Tony Says:

    I don’t expect this to be discussed on CTV Question Period tomorrow. Got to protect the Shiny Pony.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Damned idiots, they don’t seem to realize our PM and the rest of the sane world can call for a ceasefire repeatedly, the terrorists do not listen, they can’t be trusted, ever. Wonder how these Liberal politicians would feel if rockets were being fired into Calgary, would they just ask them to stop and hope they would?
    What has happened to the demographic of this country is a question we need to delve into when we have politicians and people amongst us siding with terrorists? We didn’t gain our freedoms here without fighting tyrants and coming to the aid of those being attacked.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Liz, you are so right……everyone wants a ceasefire. They have called for several but Hamas won’t stop! If Hamas stops…..the war is over! If Israel stops responding…..Israel is wiped out.

  5. Liz J Says:

    IMO there should be charges laid when people are attacked in our streets, they have all the evidence they need on tape, let these Zealots know this is not the Middle East hell holes they came from. I can’t stand the sight of them in my country, they do not belong amongst us when they bring their old hatreds to our peaceful streets and cannot contain themselves.
    This is serious stuff, they need to be shown we will not tolerate such behaviour, it’s not our way of life, they are misfits, they will never fight for our country, they are here but their allegiance is elsewhere, always will be. Dual citizenship should not be allowed, they live here in safety and go off and fight for their first country, the cowards are now doing it in our streets.

    • Guffman Says:

      Agree on the dual citizenship. That BS has to be put to an end, and soon! Allegiance can not truly be to two countries, one is usually out of convenience only.

  6. Mary HInes Says:

    Can you imagine if Kang was a conservative candidate? This MUST be exposed……and we have to get this out there….. Trudeau with all his Obama advisers – we can now see where CANADA would be if he was ever elected. Like Obama, (and his numbers in the US are tanking each and every day), Trudeau can not make his mind up to anything…. What a weakling….

  7. andycanuck Says:

    As long as Kang is pro-abortion it’s all cool, I’m sure.

  8. Liz J Says:

    Should we be concerned about Calgary becoming a hot bed for radical uprisings?
    Nenshi can’t seem to wipe the smile from his face, what’s so laughable?

  9. Liz J Says:

    At some point our political leaders need to stop and ask those who aspire to sit in our governments at all levels what actually is their motivation for wanting to serve. More importantly are they qualified to serve all citizens they want to represent or just a certain demographic with a specific agenda or simply purposeful infiltration.

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    […] Liberal MLA Darshan Kang who will be running for the federal Liberal Party and was a featured speaker at the anti-Israel rally in Calgary that turned […]

  11. Dana M. Says:

    Justin is just trying to play both sides of the coin. So as usual, where do you really stand Justin? Oh and by the way he not only has Obama advisers but Gerald Butt , who was an advisor to good old boy Dalton McGuinty. Needless to say he has quite a resume…..

  12. Sean M Says:

    This is a prime example of the “Liberal” party’s radical racial agenda to gain power by pandering to every “special interest group” in the country. Liberal nutcases would sell their worthless souls for the chance at power. This is how Liberals view Canada, not as a nation of one people and one nation, but as a nation of fiefdoms separated by ethnicity and ideology where equality and the rule of law for all takes a backseat to tribalism and special status for some, but not others. Divide and conquer with the aid and comfort of the Trudeau Charter.

  13. Dave Says:

    And I always thought the sikhs would be our allies when the muslim invasion happens. Oh wait, they will be, except the liberal ones.

  14. Jen Says:

    Where was the noise- the fury- the rallies for the innocent Iraqi muslims who were killed by a suicide bomber while they prayed in the Mosque.? How many innocent muslims have deliberately been murdered by suicide bombers?
    Yet the world is all over Israel for trying to defend itself.

  15. Bubba Brown Says:

    Justin Trudeau must be asked if he is a Hamas supporter.
    That simple a question.
    His candidate Kang speaking at a violent rally must be explained by the Liberal Leader.
    I would like to know why no charges have been laid.
    Seeing Justin in his little dish-dasha costume kneeling in friday prayer at a mosque says it all, he is just another Liberal vote whore.

    • Sean M Says:

      Great point Bubba… besides Sun News where are the other media outlets? Does the Canadian Media Party also support the terrorists of Hamas, is that why they don’t ask Junior why one of his candidates was speaking at this pro Hamas event? It’s stating the obvious to say that Junior Trustupid and the Media Party are on the same team, but do they support terrorists like Hamas or not? What about that divisive smiling clown Nenshi, does he support terrorists like Hamas, does he support this kind of thuggery in the streets of Canada? People have to be held to account, this kind of madness cannot be tolerated.

  16. Liz J Says:

    Great, the UN is calling for a ceasefire, what that will do is a joke, there are more enemies of Israel with their arses planted in that useless organization than any other. Terrorists don’t listen to anyone, their missions are spurred by inbred hatreds and funded by enemies of those they attack who are well represented in the so-called “United” Nations, the name is a farce, a cover sham.

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  18. Centurion Says:

    For all: Mention his support for Hamas every time you mention this candidate, and tie in “Trudeau” and “federal Liberal Party” as well. Do the Twitter and FB things too. It’s supposed to be our way to bypass the MSM, the Media Party, media for jihad and the rest.

  19. Liz J Says:

    If Trudeau is allowing a supporter of the terrorist Hamas “organization” to run as a Liberal how can he say he and his party are not supporters of the same?
    PM Harper would never be seen with or allow such haters to represent the Conservative party. You cannot support Israel and the dregs who attack her, be they Palestinians, or the terrorists who “fight’ on their behalf.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Trudeau needs to step down and realize that his leadership is non existent, I am so glad that we have a man Mr Harper in leadership in this fine country Canada. If Trudeau was our leader this nonsense would be happening everywhere in Canada just like the States we would be under siege from protesters and pot heads Vote Conservative Canada keep Canada under solid leadership!

    • Liz J Says:

      Trudeau is not leading, he’s their front man, he’s being led by what’s left of the LPC, a faceless cache of advisers, collectively not fit to govern this country, especially given the volatile world affairs that need to be dealt with by a party that has a leader capable of making decisions. Harper is head ans shoulders above all western leaders. Australia also has a good leader, he tells it like it is.

      Trudeau will not step down, he doesn’t even know enough to do it, he’s running on star power thanks to media party adoration, it’s fancy window dressing with nothing in the store. They’re all Obama lovers, haven’t caught onto the fact he’s the worst President in memory and his handling of the present turmoil in the ME and Putin’s arrogance is a danger to the world.

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