Star editorial praises Harper for his stance on Putin


When you read this editorial from the Toronto Star titled “After Ukraine tragedy Vladimir Putin should shackle his dogs” it should give you a glimmer of hope that the Media Party isn’t completely full of Harper Derangement sufferers:

Whoever pulled the trigger, Russian President Vladimir Putin can’t dodge responsibility for the rocket attack on a Malaysia Airlines flight that left 298 people from a dozen nations dead. And Prime Minister Stephen Harper is right to say so in the bluntest terms.

At the end of the day Russia’s “military aggression and illegal occupation of Ukraine … is at the root of the ongoing conflict in the region,” as Harper noted. Only Putin can shackle his dogs of war. (see here)

Question now is will the Harper-hating columnists at the Star swallow their pride and show an ounce of integrity by doing the same?

For example, I’ve asked Thomas Walkon if will do the right thing after previously writing “Stephen Harper attacks Putin on Ukraine to burnish legacy” (see here) and admit he was wrong and apologise.

I will update if he responds.


7 Responses to “Star editorial praises Harper for his stance on Putin”

  1. Liz J Says:

    This is a complete turn around, we need to be suspicious about what prompted it. There has to be a point where the media party “journalists”, editors of the printed rags, have to try to recoup some of their own credibility to keep themselves relevant.
    We are awash with leftist rags like the TorStar the Ottawa Citizen, the National Post and the Globe and Mail but we’ve learned to read between the lines if we read them at all or get them for free. More and more people are simply not subscribing to them, they’re going the way of the Dodo birds and they’ve done it all to themselves.

    • Steve o Says:

      Liz J I think this might be a Charlie Brown Football moment.You know where Lucy pulls the ball away from Charlie just as he is about to kick it.I have not had much respect or faith in the media to tell the truth without a liberal slant for many years. They may be trying to gain some credibility now, but they have MILES to go in my estimation before I will believe, trust or respect them..Steve O

  2. E Mac Says:

    Sorry, I’m not buying it – Period!

  3. Stan Says:

    Next week they will be in full attack dog mode to make up for this moment of sanity and honesty.

  4. Nataliya Dzikh Says:

    There is no question the plane was destroyed by Russia or by those terrorists sent to Ukraine by Russia. Either way Putin has direct involvement in death of those innocent people. As well as many other killings done by Russia in Ukraine since Russian invasion in Ukraine. I am proud that Mr Harper recognize it and support the truth! Instead of playing some dirty games trying to win Putin’s friendship .That is why I voted for him and always will vote for him!

  5. david Says:

    I don’t buy it either. Likely a ruse.

  6. DW Says:


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