UN Special Rapporteur lashes out at my post on Liberal candidate attending pro-Hamas rally


Ask yourself why UN Special Rapporteur Leilani Farha (see here) cared enough to try and discredit me in the eyes of Conservative Senator Linda Frum and Conservative Minister James Moore:

farha un

As a United Nation representative, it’s in Farha’s mandate to defend Liberal politicians from being criticized for who they are associating with?


Invited speaker at pro-Hamas rally in Calgary calls herself “Palestinian fighter ready to fight and die”


Invited as a featured speaker alongside Liberal candidate Darshan Kang (see here) to the violent pro-Hamas demonstration at Calgary City Hall on Friday was Ala’a Hamdan who was the former president of the University of Calgary group organizing it, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights.

Hamdan is known to Calgary Police and National Post reporter Jen Gerson (see here) when a pro-Israeli group filed a hate-complaint against her for this Facebook post:

Ala'a Hamdan

The Calgary Police were caught lying about their preparedness for this Hamas demonstration (see here) and we see now that the media were complicit as well – lying by omission.

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