Invited speaker at pro-Hamas rally in Calgary calls herself “Palestinian fighter ready to fight and die”


Invited as a featured speaker alongside Liberal candidate Darshan Kang (see here) to the violent pro-Hamas demonstration at Calgary City Hall on Friday was Ala’a Hamdan who was the former president of the University of Calgary group organizing it, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights.

Hamdan is known to Calgary Police and National Post reporter Jen Gerson (see here) when a pro-Israeli group filed a hate-complaint against her for this Facebook post:

Ala'a Hamdan

The Calgary Police were caught lying about their preparedness for this Hamas demonstration (see here) and we see now that the media were complicit as well – lying by omission.


9 Responses to “Invited speaker at pro-Hamas rally in Calgary calls herself “Palestinian fighter ready to fight and die””

  1. bocanut Says:

    Talk is cheap,much easier to play the wanna -be terrorist in Canada than to walk the walk in Palenstine.

  2. Liz J Says:

    What’s to say except….wake the hell up Calgary, you have a hate infestation, do something , conditions are ripe for serious consequences. Demand the Mayor come out from behind his perpetual smile and reassure the people he represents as mayor. This is Canada, a democratic country where we live a free people and don’t get attacked in our streets by tribes of people filled with historical hatreds. They can take their fights to where they have their allegiances, they should not be allowed back either, Canada does not tolerate terrorists. We do not need half-assed Canadians who have their loyalties elsewhere, we are being used by some of the world’s most unstable people with an agenda that threatens world peace.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    “A rock and a flag” which of course is not the flag of the country she is living in.
    She is entitled to her beliefs, we are entitled to wish her “bon voyage” back to her “Homeland” this obviously ain’t it.
    We do not want or need her centuries old
    blood feud with the neighbors.
    Liz J you are right this is indeed a tipping point.
    Just look at Europe, Paris, London, we do not need this in Canada.
    The energy that is put into hatred on the one side is huge.
    One only has to look at the Arab countries, desolate sand boxes, full of hunger and tribal hatred.
    Israel blooms and the people prosper, all the people.
    How ironic the best country in the Middle East for an Arab is Israel.
    I hope the IDF destroys all the missiles and blows up all the tunnels.
    I am very proud of PM Harpers position on Israel’s right to defend itself.

  4. E Mac Says:

    Ready to fight and die? So be it!

  5. Lorne Russell Says:

    Who knew Hammas fighters are dropping like flies on Canadian soil? What courage!

  6. Sean M Says:

    Yeah, this little thug is real brave… She should put her arse where her mouth is and head to where her loyalties lie, back in the tribal lands of the ME. Dumb little girl.

    • Liz J Says:

      What a stupid twit this is, she needs to have dose of the realities of living among the tribes int he ME she is so ready to die for. If she actually experienced how women are treated in such hell holes she may have some appreciation of her freedom to act like an idiot here, she’d find out how it feels to have her body tented and obey her male masters.
      Another example of a person who lives here and does not deserve that privilege whether she was born here or not.
      Canada needs to do some serious profiling, find out where allegiances are and who could be a danger to Canada.

  7. Pro-Hamas Calgary rally organizer gloats over Jews being beaten | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Also featured as speakers at this violent event were University of Calgary professor Arthur Clark (see here) and student organizer Ala’a Hamdan (see here). […]

  8. DW Says:


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