Photo: Canadian Union of Postal Workers flag flown in same Ottawa protest as “Israel=Nazis” sign

hamas flag

This screen capture is from a segment where Sun News’ Paige MacPherson outs the pro-Hamas flag wavers at the Ottawa demonstration (see here):

cupw hamas

The Canadian public unions are well-known hot beds of anti-Israel fanatics but which the Ottawa Press Gallery refuses to expose due to their own sympathies and biases.

Thinking it’s about time for the minister in charge of Canada Post, Lisa Raitt to make it clear that this is not acceptable behaviour for any union that represents federal public employees.


5 days after violent pro-Hamas rally, Calgary mayor finally speaks out – on temporary workers


The perfect example of how far the Canadian media will go to protect a politician and Lefty causes they support is this piece by Calgary’s Jason Markusoff:

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is ripping both the temporary foreign worker program and the Harper government’s changes to it, because he feels a growing Calgary needs more access to working newcomers who can become citizens.

The mayor said the “current system strips people of their dignity.” But in comments that mirror Alberta government officials’ protests that Ottawa’s recently announced restrictions on hiring temporary labourers — especially in low-paying jobs — will hurt the city that added a record 38,508 this year. (see here)

But asking Nenshi about violent pro-Hamas demonstrators attacking Israeli supporters at Calgary City Hall (see here), not so much:

hamas calgary

I’m unsure who I am more disgusted with over their silence on this – Lefty politicians like Nenshi or his media supporters?

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