5 days after violent pro-Hamas rally, Calgary mayor finally speaks out – on temporary workers


The perfect example of how far the Canadian media will go to protect a politician and Lefty causes they support is this piece by Calgary’s Jason Markusoff:

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is ripping both the temporary foreign worker program and the Harper government’s changes to it, because he feels a growing Calgary needs more access to working newcomers who can become citizens.

The mayor said the “current system strips people of their dignity.” But in comments that mirror Alberta government officials’ protests that Ottawa’s recently announced restrictions on hiring temporary labourers — especially in low-paying jobs — will hurt the city that added a record 38,508 this year. (see here)

But asking Nenshi about violent pro-Hamas demonstrators attacking Israeli supporters at Calgary City Hall (see here), not so much:

hamas calgary

I’m unsure who I am more disgusted with over their silence on this – Lefty politicians like Nenshi or his media supporters?


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  1. Guffman Says:

    “I’m unsure who I am more disgusted with over their silence on this – Lefty politicians like Nenshi or his media supporters?”
    … OR the ignorant public who don’t keep informed and keep the media party in business, and then keep voting for politicians like Nenshi.
    Again, I think it comes down to the general voting population who are too lazy to search for the truth these days, when it’s easier than ever to find. Without these enabling people, the media party and politicians like Nenshi wouldn’t be around to worry about.

  2. Liz J Says:

    So, as far as Nenshi is concerned the melee,the violent thugs who spewed their hatreds in the streets of the city he presides over as Mayor was a non-event, like it isn’t worthy of his attention? If one true Canadian in that city can vote for such a Mayor again they’re part of the problem.
    Can anyone imagine if the much stalked Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, were to ignore this type of behaviour the leftist media hacks and hounds would let him away with it? Toronto is loaded with the same kind of haters so it’s possible they would be on their side anyway but Ford cannot get away with the time of day, he’s conservative, vive la difference.

    • Sean M Says:

      Nenshi, the Media Party and all their followers on the left are all motivated by the same principle, hate. The thuggery that was exposed on the streets of Calgary was a prime example of this hatred. The deafening silence from Nenshi and the Media Party in relation to this hateful thuggery on the streets indicates a complicity and acceptance of this expressed hatred. In turn Nenshi and the Media Party express their hatred by remaining silent on this issue, and by remaining silent send the message that they condone this type of savagery. Disturbing, to say the least.

    • Bec Says:

      Nenshi is our biggest booboo. WE will pay for it and WE have our Obama gong show travelling through the ranks. The original election had 2 Conservatives who split the vote. He rode up the middle and the rest is history. He did not win in Calgary but he thinks he did.
      He’s torture, an utter and complete socialist moron. JMHO

  3. Liz J Says:

    Also, speaking of stripping people of their dignity Mr Mayor, there wasn’t much dignity shown in the streets of Calgary during the Hamas rally. Are these the type of people whose dignity the PM should be concerned with, respecting them and ensuring they have employment?
    What a flaming jackass to have the capacity to insult the intelligence of Canadians everywhere….well, maybe not so much intelligence, shame and common sense are in short supply.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Say it isn’t so….Canadian postal Unionistas on Parliament Hill supporting Palestine and there were Hamas flag(s) there as well?
    Why bother declaring Hamas or Hezbollah terrorist outfits if they allow them to protest for their causes in our streets and on Parliament Hill? Anyone supporting terrorists should be taken in and questioned at the very least, our safety could be at risk.

  5. E Mac Says:

    Nenshi – Resign.

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