Minister Baird gives the middle finger to “left-wing, anti-Israel Canadian media”


Foreign Minister John Baird not only called out the Canadian media to 7 million American radio station listeners:

“There’s a significant left-wing media bias, an anti-Israel bias, in a lot of the Canadian media,” Baird said in the interview, which aired Thursday night.

He flipped them the bird:

“And you know what? We don’t care.” (see here)

Damnit, I was trying really hard not to like Baird.


Conservative Senator corrects Postmedia’s Stephen Maher’s Duffy allegation

mcgregor maher

Once again Postmedia’s Stephen Maher has written something that reeks of incompetence or worse, unethical journalism.

From Conservative Senator David Tkachuk:

Maher also writes: “When the case goes to trial, Duffy might argue that he had good reason to believe that he could designate his Cavendish cottage as his primary residence and pick up $90,000 in extra cheques from the taxpayers, because Tkachuk said he could.”

I told Duffy nothing of the sort. The Liberals were the majority in the Senate when Duffy was appointed; Liberal George Furey was chair of Internal Economy. Duffy might have asked the Liberals. (see here)

I’ve long ago quit believing Maher’s bosses at Postmedia would ever punish him for being untruthful – the only thing that will work, are lawsuits.


Also: For another example of Maher’s dishonesty involving a Conservative Senator see earlier post here

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