Minister Baird gives the middle finger to “left-wing, anti-Israel Canadian media”


Foreign Minister John Baird not only called out the Canadian media to 7 million American radio station listeners:

“There’s a significant left-wing media bias, an anti-Israel bias, in a lot of the Canadian media,” Baird said in the interview, which aired Thursday night.

He flipped them the bird:

“And you know what? We don’t care.” (see here)

Damnit, I was trying really hard not to like Baird.


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  1. Liz J Says:

    Very proud of John Baird, he’s doing a great job right now.
    Baird is one of our party’s greatest assets, he takes no guff from the media scum and they know it but some still try and lose.

    With Baird, Kenney and Chris Alexander we have top notch Ministers in the right portfolios.

  2. Centurion Says:

    Yeah… I love John Baird. In spite of provoking an angry reaction from him one day, he’s great.

    (He was Min of Energy campaigning in Ottawa in the Ont. provincial election in 2003. He introduced himself in his campaign office to me, and I feigned recognition saying, “Oh yeah… you’re the minister of blackouts and brownouts… right?” The US and eastern Canada had just suffered a massive blackout for two days. I thought he was going to tear me a new one.)

  3. Hans Says:

    Dear Minister John Baird,

    I just caught your interview on the Mark Levin show:

    Below my exchange with Senator Linda Frum, on Hamas housing rockets within UN schools four days ago.

    I suppose one could make the argument that the UN is now running “Vergeltungswaffen Schule” to study the benefits of V1 & V2 rocketry.

    Keep up the good work; as the Hamas “Judenhass” is going to get them precisely nowhere.


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von
    Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    Dear Senator Frum,

    I noticed your exchange on BC Blues website:

    I thought you might find the following news story interesting.

    Given that Hamas rockets are located and stored in UN run schools; the proposition is that the UN has taken the side of Hamas. Further still, the rockets were returned to Hamas.

    Perhaps UN Special Rapporteur Leilani Farha is a representative for the destruction of Israeli housing.

    Hamas rejects the two state solution and would prefer the Final Solution.

    Is it any wonder that Israel has launched an excursion into Gaza given they have recently launched well over 1000 missiles in the direction of Israel of late?

    How many V1 and V2 rockets did Great Britain sustain before they took action against rocket launching sites in WWII?

    Tellingly, ‘However, while “UNRWA strongly condemns the group or groups responsible for placing the weapons in one of its installations,” there is no indication that the arms were confiscated.

    While Israel wants the UN to release photos of the weapons, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the UN body is reportedly refusing to hand over the images which could be used as evidence against both them, and Hamas.’


    • Centurion Says:

      There’s more to it. UNRWA found rockets in stored in 2 schools and asked they be removed. The agency found them during an inspection of facilities. As UNWRA has no means of its own to deal with explosives or weapons, its policy is to report them to the authorities and request disposal. Problem: the “authorities” are Hamas in the case of Gaza. The IDF hadn’t arrived in the area at the time of the find. UNRWA really had no options here, unless you consider abandonment of the facilities.

      Consider also Hamas’ use of UNWRA-sponsored ambulances being used to transport Hamas’ troops.

  4. Al in Cranbrook Says:

    Amazing stuff, eh? Cannot remember in my 60 years a time when Canada stood taller, putting the morality and decency we expect from our own fellow citizens front and center of foreign policy. I’m so sick to death of endless and shameless moral ambivalence of the liberal left I can hardly speak!

  5. jmw Says:

    Great appointment, PM!

  6. Fay Says:

    Bravo , John Baird, Bravo!

  7. Liz J Says:

    It should also be noted the Liberals have no one amongst their MP’s, including their pseudo leader, who could be considered to be anywhere nears the caliber of the talent in the Conservative Party. In Stephen Harper we have a statesman who is well respected among the Western democracies. I’m sure there are people in the US who would love to have a person with Harper’s smarts as their leader at this crucial time in the world. Instead of impeaching he’s allowed to stay on and plays golf while Putin does what he bloody well pleases, making the world a more dangerous place.

  8. DW Says:


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