Pro-Hamas Calgary rally organizer gloats over Jews being beaten


As the spokesperson and organizer for the Calgary Palestinian protest, Saima Jamal was quoted by the Calgary Sun after Israeli supporters were attacked:

Saima Jamal, a member of Justice for Palestinians and one of the rally’s organizers said the demonstration was always supposed to be peaceful and suggested tensions would have been less frayed had police been there from the start.

“Whatever happened here had nothing to do with the organizers,” she said.

“We’re holding a pre-rally meeting on Wednesday and we’ll be issuing a public statement apologizing for any violence.” (see here)

What the Calgary Sun reporter Shawn Logan didn’t include was this Facebook posting by Jamal immediately after these Israeli supporters were assaulted:

jamal nenshi

The Twitter account CUWI that posted this also included a photo of Jamal with Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi – Nenshi of course has been silent (see here) in condemning this pro-Hamas group.

Jamal is employed at the University of Calgary as “Project Manager, Consortium for Peace Studies” (see here) which has turned into a hotbed of Islamic extremism exposed by an ex-professor who quit because the administration wouldn’t protect him from being intimidated:

 A former professor at the University of Calgary says he left his tenured position after colleagues refused to respond to his concerns about students spreading radical Muslim views.

Aaron Hughes, a prolific author on religion who holds a PhD on Islamic studies, said he once found a message scrawled in Arabic across his classroom’s chalkboard endorsing Islamic Jihad and Hamas, widely considered a terrorist group by Western countries.

Mr. Hughes, who is Jewish, said he interpreted the message as anti-Semitic, but he said the university declined to remove the offending student from his class.

“I would have to go teach this class as a victim staring my aggressor in the face,” he said. (see here)

Also featured as speakers at this violent event were University of Calgary professor Arthur Clark (see here) and student organizer Ala’a Hamdan (see here).

But to the Media Party, the bad part of Calgary are all the white, male rednecks and exposing it as a viper’s nest of terrorists and their sympathizers doesn’t fit the narrative.


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  1. Peaceful Canadians Says:

    Perhaps we could contact Slima Jamal and ask her to reconcile her apology with her previous statement which condoned the violence, and how her job at the Consortium of Peace studies is consistent with her promoting the assault: Saima Jamal’s contact info:; Ph 403-829-2268.

  2. Guffman Says:

    More sickening stuff… what is WRONG with Calgary? Why aren’t its citizens raising bloody hell about this crap. Instead they all stay quiet and let their city, and schools slowly (or quickly?) be overtaken by racist anti-semites. And of course the Media Party journalists are doing everything they can to assist in the takeover. As I said, sickening, to see this happening in our once rather peaceful Canadian cities.
    Someday, and it may be sooner than later, Calgarians will awaken to what’s become of their city, by then it’ll be too late.

    • taxpayer Says:

      The local media don’t report the news accurately, that’s what’s wrong. There are very few blogs even reporting this event in the proper light. The subsequent “demonstration” was a peaceful event attended by plenty of CPS members, on Friday night. So, Calgarians went back to sleep.

      The CPS are in Sharia mode already with their “blame the victim” attitude and things are just rosy with Nenshi about this. Next stop for Nenshi is a LPOC seat in Calgary.

      You heard it here first.

      • bertie Says:

        Well then why not start boycotting the newspapers.Quit supporting these RAGS that continue spreading lies.

  3. Deryk Says:

    This certainly does sound like the University of Calgary that I know.

  4. Liz J Says:

    I want as many of these anti-Israel ,Hamas sympathizers as possible ushered the hell out of this country, it they’re duals they can bugger off to the place they’re choosing to fight in our streets for…bunch of bloody cowards, very brave here, we need to show them we will not tolerate it.

    Rednecks don’t kill, call for the killing of or terrorize or people.

    We need to hope our Immigration Minister is taking notes on this very dangerous display of hatred before they really go right off and people get killed. Hitting people on the head and beating them when they’re down could kill or badly injure a person.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Wonder how many of the female lovers of Hamas and other terrorist branches of Islam have had to endure female genital mutilation?

    • Liz J Says:

      This is a chance for true Canadians to stand and be counted. Gutless politicians like Menshi can stay in their dens, those who have courage can speak to what Canada is all about and it isn’t about hatred and rioting in the streets, making threats, and getting violent with others who do not agree with them.

      We are a nation ruled by law, we need to have our laws enforced or we are not protected from thugs no matter who they are or what their motives.

      If we allow this hatred to become part of this country we are irresponsible at best and selling our souls at worst.
      To use an old quote from Izvestia, a Communist News Service which may be coming to pass here: “Today we are reaping the bitter fruit of our own moral compromises and are paying for those things that we mutely accepted and supported and now do not know how to explain to our children”.

    • MaryLS Says:

      Good for Ezra. He seems to be about the only public figure standing up for Democracy and real justice these days.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Pretty terrible and threatening cheering anti-Israel boisterous big mouths spewing hate at Ontario’s Queen’s park. It’s not to be called a mere pro Palestinian rally, it’s beyond that. It fits into the category of hate speech, but there’s no law against that, it’s free speech unless you happen to be Christian or Jewish.

    Canada, we have a huge problem, immigration has to stop from countries who proliferate hate towards Christians and Jews in this country. I for one am worried it’s going to escalate.

  7. Liz J Says:

    BTW, do we not have laws about taking to the streets wearing face coverings and uttering death threats?

    It may be time for the HOC to be convened to deal with this growing hatred showing up in our streets and inciting violence. Better to deal with it before we have a real crisis. Even if they go back to their dens, these terrorist supporters are still capable of much worse, Canada is teeming with them, the hoards filled with hate are getting braver and larger, we all deserve protection,that’s the job of our government, lets have it and NOW.

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  10. DW Says:


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