Help identifying pro-Palestinian protester who told female Sun News reporter “Go fuck your mother”


After catching a tweet by Sun News’ Marissa Semkiw saying she was confronted by a Palestinian supporter telling her to “Get a real job” I asked if this guy at least had the brass to tell her his name.

The following is the exchange between them:

MS: What is your name?

Man: Go fuck your mother. That’s my name.

MS: What is your name? Man: Get lost…

MS: Just tell me what your name is

Man: I don’t have to.

MS: Why are you so afraid?

Man: My name is go fuck your mother (cheering)

He was at both Queen’s Park pro-Palestinian rallies held on past two Saturdays and I’m curious if anyone who reads my blog might know who he is?

Would love to out this tough guy.


11 Responses to “Help identifying pro-Palestinian protester who told female Sun News reporter “Go fuck your mother””

  1. 1957chev Says:

    We may not know “who” he is, but we sure know “what” he is, and what is always on his little mind….He’s definitely a depraved lunatic! Someone ought to warn his mother, or maybe she’s OK with the whole idea.

  2. Ishmael N. Daro Says:

    I think it’s odd you’re focused on his profanity and not the sexist comment he allegedly made to Ms. Semkiw. Here’s the text of her original tweet: “Lefty to me yesterday: ‘You’re a good looking girl…get a real job…my office is looking for someone to clean up'”

    Pretty vile thing to say.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I didn’t get that quote from Semkiw. Only that he said “get a real job”. Of course I’m only going to go with what she transcribed to me.

  3. Liz J Says:

    We could pass it off as deranged lunatics trash talking in our streets but not when he’s part of an Islamic/Hamas/Palestinian gang of thugs out to wipe out a whole race of people and their tiny country. What happens if they really get off the rails like they do in the ME? It could happen, the law enforcers are very lenient, if you get badly hurt you will be the one to have to lay charges. IMO the police are afraid of them. We need to find out just what is their status as Canadians, they have no business calling for our ally in the ME to be wiped out, that sounds treasonous in my books.

  4. fhl Says:

    media love marijuana they should read this report
    sorry to be off your topic
    I love the statement made by Hamas supporters in the name of Palestinians ” I am Canadian”
    Canadians do not say “Go fuck your mother”
    Canadians do not agree that the way to free Palestinians is to ATTACK Israel and KILL all Jews

  5. paulsstuff Says:

    I’m gonna throw that pic on twitter seeing as I’m not far from Queen’s Park. Would love to shame this goof, if that’s even possible.

  6. Dana M. Says:

    “Ware the enemy within” , I believe the Palestinians in this country need to take a much closer look at what Hamas is doing to their own, but then its easier to blame Israel and the Jews then to admit that the main problem is Hamas.

  7. oldwhiteguy Says:

    Canadians think that they will not have to fight these idiots on our home soil. have I got a news for you.

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