Video: Toronto Transit employee states to reporter “We will kill all Israel”

ttc employee israel kill

In a Sun News segment where Jerry Agar and Paige MacPherson expose how the Media Party covers-up the pro-Palestinian lunatics who spew Jew-hate at every protest is a short clip where MacPherson catches (on camera) a Toronto Transit employee saying this:

“There should be a free Gaza, free Palestine,” the man says. “And if they continue, now we will go from here there and we will kill the Israel. We will kill all Israel. And we will show the power. What we can do further. Thank you.”

“You’re going to kill Israel?” the reporter says.

“No, I’m just saying we’re going to go there and show the power to them. (watch here)

His union, Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 113 will certainly denounce him and agree he should be fired right?



11 Responses to “Video: Toronto Transit employee states to reporter “We will kill all Israel””

  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    Yes the tunneling terriosts, the mole men of mo who seem to be running away when confronted with IDF soldiers.
    Can anyone imagine how well off Gaza would be if all that energy and hate was putting up buildings, hospitals, schools instead of terror tunnels?
    Does this man actually work in a Transit job?
    Why isn’t he in Gaza showing the “power”
    A democract country is attacked by criminal thugs and these people are cheering on the thugs?
    Living here in Canada, thanks Immigration Canada.

    • Liz J Says:

      The proper authorities should really should be going after this crazed Toronto transit worker, people may not be safe, he’s apt to blow a fuse anytime. Would someone from Toronto be interested in calling city hall and making a complaint?
      Another cowardly, dirty rotten piece of humanity bravely shouting in our streets…..I make no apology for this description.

  2. bocanut Says:

    He probably got a promotion from Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 113 .

  3. Roy Elsworth Says:

    if hes gonna talk like that where is the human rites commission

  4. Liz J Says:

    The Leftist hordes in Toronto are all too worried about Rob Ford to be concerned about a wacko working in the TTC.
    They’ll have a nice mess in that city if they elect Olivia Chow, they won’t know what hit them.

  5. 1957chev Says:

    That psychopathic little creep should be in jail for spewing hate!

    • Liz J Says:

      That cocky creep is so brave here in Canada, he knows he’s safe among the socialists and his brethren who infest Toronto. There has been a complaint to the head of TTC, he’ll investigate it but that’s likely all we’ll hear about it, the crazed loon will never be publicly identified. He or anyone of his ilk should never be employed anywhere near a public facility where he could harm people if he goes berserk.

  6. oldwhiteguy Says:

    we will be fighting these evil s o b s in the streets of Canadian cities.

    • Liz J Says:

      It’s already begun under the guise of peaceful “protests” or “marches”, that’s their cover to spew hate and attack those who counter them. The Trudeau Charter is not going to save Canada as a nation, it’s a recipe for disaster.

      We have a very clever Minister of Immigration, we have to hope he’s taking note and action on the file. We don’t want to import evil, we need to ship out those who are not willing to obey our laws and become full citizens, leaving their other citizenship behind. It’s obvious we have far too many congregated in our large cities which gives them power and a way to run for office and win. This poses a great danger down the road.

  7. DW Says:

    That transit fella may just be preparing to martyr himself in the oh so tolerant Toronto transit. Let’s see what happens in the next few months, ok?

    • Liz J Says:

      Counting on the Sun News crew to follow up on that crazed creep, make sure the TTC head checks him out. Of course that’s no guarantee people who use Toronto transit would be safe from these creeps, they don’t have to be working for TTC to do their “thing”.

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