Video: Hamas supporter from group who chanted “Heil Hitler” at Calgary Jews interviewed by Global and CTV

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This Facebook posting of an interview taped from a Global News broadcast (you can also clearly see a CTV News microphone) is of one of the pro-Hamas demonstrators who showed up at for the Ezra Levant Calgary For Israel event in which they screamed obscenities and chanted “Heil Hitler” at pro-Israel supporters:

It looks like the Calgary Herald’s Erika Stark wasn’t the only journalist who witnessed these Palestinian supporters yelling “Heil Hitler” and refused to report it (see here).

h/t Peaceful Canadians

3 Responses to “Video: Hamas supporter from group who chanted “Heil Hitler” at Calgary Jews interviewed by Global and CTV”

  1. Liz J Says:

    This loud mouth has overlooked a little detail, Israel didn’t start this fight, it’s not Israel who put children in harm’s way for sympathy, use them for collateral.

    If you truly want to live in peace you don’t constantly satiate your hatred for your neighbour by starting fights. Neither do you take your cowardly arses into the streets of Canada, call people Nazis, attack and send others who don’t agree with your side to hospital with injuries and expect us to fight your dirty wars for you. Hamas is to blame, Hamas is in charge in Palestine. These big mouths taking to our streets are free to go help those they’re concerned about, let them try loud mouthing off to terrorist Hamas leaders to stop the slaughter/martyring of their own people. Just go already, take all the hate filled angry cowards with you, just let us slam the gates shut of your ilk, Canada is with Israel, the country being attacked.
    If Canada were being attacked would any of them fight for Canada like our forefathers fought the Nazis giving us all the freedoms we now have and they are partaking of?

  2. Guffman Says:

    More of the Media Party ignoring the facts they don’t like, and that don’t fit their narrative.
    I really tune out most of the MSM now (with very few exceptions), because of this sort of biased coverage. It’s really gotten to the point of being a complete joke.

  3. DW Says:

    Those who who advise Trudeau are way out there.I doubt he can think for himself. He has no ideas. His Svengali advisers are coaching him and their ideas are so far out they hate Canada and her industrial development to the extent that they don’t want any industrial development. Without industrial development we’ll be put in the poor house.

    I have little fear though because once Trudeau’s platform is put to the people they will find he is a nutter and his political future will certainly be deep sixed.The media party will have egg on their face backing such a loser. Good on them. Oh, he’ll still be leader of the Libs albeit with an even smaller third party. He’s a dud and the media party’s support will find he’s is what informed Canadians always though he was……a fool. He’ll still have his radical, die hard supporters. But, they will be marginalized as they are now with no serious supports save their own cliques.

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