National Post’s Jonathan Kay smears Sun News to protect Trudeau

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Instead of reporting on the Islamic extremists that Justin Trudeau and other Liberals pander to (see here) the National Post’s Jonathan Kay attacks those who did.

Kay did a hit-piece directed mainly at Ezra Levant who ‘dared’ run a segment where Trudeau admitted (after being pressed by Sun News) that he campaigned at a notorious mosque:

For a while now, Sun News has been doing its best to portray Justin Trudeau as a sort of Islamist fifth columnist. This week, one Sun host told viewers that Trudeau is in thrall on Mideast issues to a “Saudi-born Muslim extremist” who “supports” terrorists. The same host warns darkly that there are three times as many Muslim voters in Canada as Jews.

And then smears the Conservatives and Sun News’ viewers for good measure:

This is not surprising, since some of the network’s journalists seem to regard themselves as semi-official members of Stephen Harper’s opposition-research team. And since many Sun viewers already suspect that Trudeau was born in Kenya along with Barack Obama, its Muslim Menace programming presumably plays well to the network’s base. (see here)

This isn’t the first time Kay has said that Sun News is an arm of the Conservative Party while defending Trudeau (see here) but of course not a word from Kay on his coworker at Postmedia Erika Stark who intentionally ignored chants of Heil Hitler directed at Jews in Calgary (see here). But that wasn’t playing to her Lefty anti-Israel base right? Just damn fine journalism there!

Kay once again proves that the Media Party will not only shield Trudeau from any hard questions, they will go after those who refuse to toe this Liberal line.

Update: Kay got badly exposed as a massive hypocrite when Sun News’ Lorrie Goldstein dug out this gem written by Kay:

Connect the dots between Canada’s radicalized mosques and the terror threat, and you get accused of Islamophobia. (see here)

If Kay had an ounce of integrity, he would immediately apologise to Levant, Sun News and Sun News viewers.

Update: Levant easily works over Kay and other Postmedia Trudeau-shills in his response here

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