Calgary Herald finally breaks silence on Heil Hitler chants

Eight days after I helped expose the pro-Hamas fanatics chanting “Heil Hitler” at Calgary Jews (watch here), the Calgary Herald’s Naomi Lakritz has now posted a column about it:

Last week, at a pro-Israel rally downtown, some supporters of the Palestinian side showed up and yelled “Heil Hitler!” At an earlier rally, there were also shouts of “Death to the Jews.” (see here)

But you’ll forgive me for not giving Lakritz too much adulation as she omits that her coworker Erika Stark refused to report on it even after watching it happen (see here).

There’s absolutely no way Lakritz doesn’t know about this intentional censoring by Stark as my blog post was not only massively distributed throughout Twitter and Facebook but also picked up by the likes of Mark Steyn, Front Page Magazine, Twitchy, SDA, Ezra Levant, Daily Caller , Weasel Zippers and many, many other smaller aggregates, blogs and Jewish news sites.

Update: The Times of Israel has now also linked my post (see here)

Mosque Trudeau proudly campaigned at promoted killing Jews and Christians


The Media Party led by the National Post’s Jonathan Kay (see here) is in full damage control mode after Sun News revealed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau boasted about campaigning at a mosque linked to al-Qeada and even after Ezra Levant slapped down these Media Party members (watch here), they are refusing to apologise and retract – instead, are still sneering (see here).

That snark came from Kay even though Levant showed this mosque was well-known in the media (including the National Post) for it’s extremism prior to Trudeau campaigning at it and which a simple Google search by Kay would have shown.

But even worse of how far Kay and others in the Media Party have intentionally looked the other way in order to keep Trudeau safe are these revelations of what this mosque promoted on its website:



And as if that wasn’t bad enough, stated the killing of Jews and Christians as ‘non-believers’ is a Muslim’s duty:

mosque 1


But to Kay and others in the Media Party, Levant and the Conservative Party should just stop being Muslim bigots.

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