Mosque Trudeau proudly campaigned at promoted killing Jews and Christians


The Media Party led by the National Post’s Jonathan Kay (see here) is in full damage control mode after Sun News revealed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau boasted about campaigning at a mosque linked to al-Qeada and even after Ezra Levant slapped down these Media Party members (watch here), they are refusing to apologise and retract – instead, are still sneering (see here).

That snark came from Kay even though Levant showed this mosque was well-known in the media (including the National Post) for it’s extremism prior to Trudeau campaigning at it and which a simple Google search by Kay would have shown.

But even worse of how far Kay and others in the Media Party have intentionally looked the other way in order to keep Trudeau safe are these revelations of what this mosque promoted on its website:



And as if that wasn’t bad enough, stated the killing of Jews and Christians as ‘non-believers’ is a Muslim’s duty:

mosque 1


But to Kay and others in the Media Party, Levant and the Conservative Party should just stop being Muslim bigots.


12 Responses to “Mosque Trudeau proudly campaigned at promoted killing Jews and Christians”

  1. frances10 Says:

    And just how busy has our boy been visiting cathedrals, churches, synagogues, temples, and other non-Muslim places of worship in his riding?

  2. Centurion Says:

    It fits in nicely with the Media Party’s portrayal of Hamas and Israel as moral equals, and often tipping the equation slightly in favour of Hamas. Now… Is it not true that Hamas’ mantra is “Death to Israel!” ?

  3. Liz J Says:

    He’s campaigning/trolling for support, ethics, the safety of our country just don’t matter to Liberals, they’re desperate for power at all costs. This is how we get all the wrong people infiltrating our government institutions when party leaders cavort with these extremists it emboldens them to push their agenda.

    It’s past time for our government to delve into this al Qeada linked outfit calling itself a Mosque and preaching an extremist form of Islam, haters of Christians and Jews. These are not our Canadian values, we are not merchants of hate who are out to kill people for what and who they are so why are they allowed to remain here? We either tolerate terrorism or we do not.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    My goodness Juthtin has stepped in it again, he thought they were Amish perhaps?
    As we all wait with bated breath for Juthtin’s book it reportedly has the “prenumbra of authority and expertise? ???
    Only the shadow knows apparently.
    Sounds like one of those breathy wine descriptions
    “blackberry notes acending from the tarry depths”
    It will be easy IMO to parse which parts of Juthtin’s experiences as a camp counsellor, snow board bunny and part time drama teacher were written by him.
    Hint, they would be the parts done in crayon.

  5. bocanut Says:

    Sun TV’s Brian Lilley had The Jackal on about Bozo.
    Winkie does what he always does and tried to deflect the blame onto Harper. Same old bullarama.
    Kinsella isn’t even a Liberal party member anymore yet Sun insists in having him feed his ego.

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      Snork …….token Liberal….Harper bad , Juthin good, dreamy even, must be quite a let down from self proclaimed ass kicker to……….
      Seriously if Juthtin’s little playmates ever got their hands near the levers of power in this country it would look just like the middle east.
      The baby Juggler
      With apolgies to David Lee Roth
      I’m just a jugalo and everywhere I go
      People know the part I’m playing
      Paid for every dance, selling each bromance
      Ooh, and they’re sayin’

      There will come a day when youth will pass away
      What will they say about me?
      When the end comes, I know
      He was just a jugalo
      Life goes on without me

      I’m just a jugaolo and everywhere I go
      People know the part Juthtin’s playing
      Paid for every dance, selling each bromance
      Ooh, what they’re sayin’

      Funny how babies are either inconvienent to Liberals or just props for Juthtin to draw attention to himself .
      I wonder did he offer the brotherhood acess to unrestricted abortion?
      Just askin’ the questrions the MM won’t.

  6. DW Says:

    I don’t think Trudeau has staying power despite the media party’s support. Canadians as a whole will reject his support for radicals and ultra left policies. He’s not even close to the general public’s thinking. He will be a deer in the head lights as the election gets closer to the fire and has to explain himself with the big boys when things get serious. I can’t wait. He makes bizarre statement appealing to a very few. His Svengali tutors will be outed soon enough and shown to be crazies. I have little fear of his drive to be PM. And when he must explain his policies he will alienate even his his most rabid supporters in the media party and the public at large.Canadians do not sympathize with radicals and terrorists and undesirables in Canada. He’ll get the media party vote and their fellow travelers, but not your average Canadians.Fundamentally, Canadians want a competent leader – Harper.

    We are a year or more away from the general election and the Trudeau follies we know of are just the tip of the ice burg. As we get closer, and more is revealed of his attitudes, he’ll likely be so torn apart he will be shown for the young idiot that he is. The media party has hitched there wagon to a air headed loser.

  7. Joseph Says:

    Can’t wait till he gets asked how inclusive orthodox Muslim’s are to gay rights.

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