Redford’s former chief-of-staff Stephen Carter admits knowing about plane expense abuses


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Buried at the bottom of the on-line article accompanying the CBC Radio interview of disgraced former Alberta PC premier Alison Redford’s ex-campaign manager and chief-of-staff Stephen Carter is this:

Carter said the issue of Redford’s use of planes did come up while he was Redford’s chief of staff.

“We did have the plane issue pop up when I was chief of staff. We did tell her that this is not something she should be doing,” he said, adding that he tried to address it. 

“I was aware of it, and we put an end to it. I suggest people go back and look at the flight manifests.” (see here)

Keep in mind that back in in March Carter had this to say about why Redford was forced to resign:

“A lot of it is her fault, but frankly her caucus wouldn’t allow her to go where she needed to go.”

Carter says Redford’s announcement shows a complete failure of the Progressive Conservative Party. 

“The right-wing MLAs that still remain in this PC caucus were pulling her away constantly from the agenda that got her elected leader, and that’s why she was unable to fulfill her mandate as leader,” he said (see here)

Carter was fully-aware at this time of these expense abuses but instead of coming clean, bizarrely placed the blame mainly on “right-wing MLAs”.

Certainly Carter has at least gone to the RCMP and given them all this information now right?



10 Responses to “Redford’s former chief-of-staff Stephen Carter admits knowing about plane expense abuses”

  1. Guffman Says:

    “Right-wing MLA’s”?… Aren’t Alberta’s PC’s supposed to be “right-wing MLA’s”??? This statement certainly exemplifies how Redford and her inner circle were anything but right-wing Conservatives. Blowing all kinds of taxpayers $$$ without care, just like Liberals. There was nothing Conservative about this bunch AT ALL.
    According to Carter, it was the handful of Conservatives who were still in the party that tried to reign her in. Thankfully she didn’t get to finish her ‘mandate as leader’, or now even better, her mandate as an MLA.
    Time to vote Wildrose Alberta!!!

  2. Liz J Says:

    Redford was operating on her Progressive side, nothing Conservative about her but Conservatives will be blamed, Time for all provincial Conservative parties to drop the “progressive” and be Conservatives, not half-assed Liberals.
    All who support provincial Conservatives as Progressive Conservatives need to stop donating to them until they dump the “Progressive”. I have already told them not to call me for support until they do so.

  3. Centurion Says:

    Don’t waste time with Alberta’s PCs. It was a failing force under “Special” Ed and only got worse with the installation of liberal Redford. Instead let’s promote the positive: Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party.

  4. tim Says:

    So Carter confesses…responsible elected officials dared reign-in our lying Progressive premier, who won the vote by promising boatloads of our cash to groups like the ATA, basically buying their votes. How dare those nasty right wingers hold yet another Liberal pig to account. After all, taxpayers’ money belongs to the Liberals, doesn’t it?

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Flyin’, lyin’ and cryin’
    “I’m a MOM ”
    but of course them nasty “right wing MLA’s” did all this to Princess Alison.
    Imagine that , looking out for the taxpayers.

  6. Bettie Says:

    Where is lee Richardson in this affair? Anybody know?

  7. Brenton Siddons Says:

    A leopard does not change it’s stripes…..a reliable inside source…family member…that worked directly for Redford when she was Minister of Justice said to me back then that she was an overbearing tyrant with a strong sense of entitlement and was intensely disliked by her staff.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’ve had to deal with this arrogant and haughty personality type before and such people are quite obnoxious. If the person is female they make enemies very quickly among other women. While not unique to liberals like Redford, the Liberal parties seem to attract this sort. That said, Albertans had starkly clear choices in their last election and they chose Redford and her agenda. It looks good on them. They deserved it.

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