Ex-Green Party president says executive and membership overwhelmingly anti-Israel


When Green Party president Paul Estrin resigned over his pro-Israel blog post, this is what leader Elizabeth May had to say:

May suggested the brouhaha made his resignation necessary, but added it was Estrin’s personal decision to step down.

“The problem wasn’t his comments; the problem was that by attaching his title to a personal blog post, it caused confusion,” May said Wednesday from B.C. (see here)

Actually, the problem for May is that was a lie as Estrin has come out with a scathing op-ed posted in the Canadian Jewish News:

Sadly, my moderate article criticizing a violent terrorist group could not be tolerated by a majority of the party membership. The article was eventually removed from the website – there was apparently no room within the party for dialogue – but not before some online commenters issued threats about my personal safety. Those comments concern me a great deal. 

Ultimately, my dissenting view led to me being drummed out of my position. 

Those who wanted me out – and let me be clear: it was the large majority of those who control the party – made it as simple as possible. They offered me a choice: An “easy” resignation where I would get to walk away relatively unscathed, or a “hard” resignation that would – well, let’s just say it would have been bad. (see here)

Threats and racism – what a lovely party that Green one is.

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