Vote Ezra Levant for “Best Canadian Broadcaster” and make the Media Party weep

levant mansbridge

The Globe and Mail is running an online contest for “Who’s the biggest name in Canadian broadcasting” where Sun News’ Ezra Levant currently sits in 2nd place behind CBC’s Peter Mansbridge.

Please vote and let’s see if we can freak out the Media Party by knocking-off Mansbridge and replacing him with Levant (vote here)

Trudeau outed for meeting with Muslim leader who publishes that men should beat their wives

trudeau iman 2

When Sun News’ Ezra Levant exposed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for pandering at an extremist mosque (see here), the Media Party went into full melt-down, calling Levant and Conservative supporters racists (see here) and then went after Minister Jason Kenney as revenge (see here) so I’m looking forward to watching how they react to Levant’s latest (watch here).

Turns out Trudeau was again at his pandering best meeting with and posing for photos with a Muslim imam who advocates men are in charge of women:

trudeau iman

And if a women refuses to listen to their husbands, they should be beaten:

trudeau iman 1

I’m going to guess the National Post’s Jonathan Kay and the rest of the Media Party Trudeau-shills reactions will be to look the other way on this one.

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