Check your TV guide! Starting soon I will be appearing as a regular guest on Sun News

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Just in case you aren’t quite sick and tired of me yet – after doing a guest spot on Sun News for Pat Bolland earlier this week, I have been asked to regularly appear on Alex Pierson’s show Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30AM EST or as we know it here in God’s Country, 7:30AM.

The focus of these segments will be a continuation of what I do here on this blog which of course includes holding the Media Party to account by exposing story angles reporters miss or intentionally look the other way.

I will post the exact start date when everything is finalized and also link any segments that they choose to put up on the Sun News website.

Thank you for all your support and I am looking forward to making some waves now at Sun News.



31 Responses to “Check your TV guide! Starting soon I will be appearing as a regular guest on Sun News”

  1. 1957chev Says:

    Great News Dean! Looking forward to seeing you in your new venue!

  2. Centurion Says:

    Dean, I don’t often watch SNN but once you’re on there, I will.

  3. Guffman Says:

    Congratulations – look forward to watching!

  4. Liz J Says:

    Great news, you’ll be a good addition as someone who is abreast of what’s going on in the politics of the country, not a yes man to anyone, including even Conservatives who who frequent your blog, you call it as you see it.

    Sun News is the only TV news you can count on as factual IMO. They might appear biased because they have a heavy load to report the truth the media hacks fiddle up/tinker with and bend to suit their blatant anti-Harper agenda.

  5. Krysta Says:

    Wow, Dean, this is great!! SNN will really benefit from having you on board.

  6. Robbie Says:

    Congratulations, what with a 2015 election gearing up and then Dean pops on SNN, look out Lefties. Good news, indeed. Any chance you can ever face off against SNN resident Liberal. Would love to see it.

  7. ohboy Says:

    Geez Dean…now that you’re a media celebrity are you still gonna suffer us?

    Naw…just kidding…Congratulations and good luck. You’ll be an excellent addition to an already exceptional news channel.

  8. Clary Says:

    Good news for SNN. Don’t have cable so won’t see ya but good luck.

  9. Roy Elsworth Says:

    gradz dean I also appear on a radio show on a cwr apps if you people down load it once a month I appear on scr radio and talk to the americans about issues affecting Canada. and how Canada is doing compared to the usa. and to correct some misinformed issues. so far they like what they here about our pm harper.

  10. Sean M Says:

    Really great news! Look forward to seeing and hearing you Dean… Good for SNN too.

  11. E Mac Says:

    A welcome addition to the SSN which will be appreciated by sane, sensible, people who recognize hard work, outing blatant lies and obfuscations by those hiding intended meaning in communication, rendering it willfully useless.
    Mains stream media journos have no idea how to present an unbiased article.
    The CBC is losing them daily to forced retirement and/or attrition and it is not likely SNN will be hiring them. They need to give Warren the heave-ho as well, as he adds nothing positive to the SNN operation.
    I won’t shed any tears for them, perhaps only in relief.

  12. Searle Says:

    This is good news…congratulations! Will be watching for you.

  13. Fay Says:

    Wonderful news !

  14. scott Says:

    You’ve earned it M8!

  15. jmw Says:

    Nice to hear you’ll be getting a wider audience for all your hard work, Dean! Congrats–we are regular SNN viewers.

  16. TangoJuliette Says:

    One solid “ATTABOY!” Way to go, Dean.

  17. Bubba Brown Says:

    ” Make waves” Actually Dean a Tsunami will be more like it IMHCO.
    With Ezra out polling Whats his face and the “most trusted man in Canada ” (not) Suzuki polling at 1%
    Things are looking a lot better for some rational perspective and honest reporting.
    Congratulations Dean!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Lol…Media Party sad face

      • Liz J Says:

        There has to be a lot more people watching SNN than we think when Ezra can win the best news guy in Canada.
        We are so lucky to have him, he puts himself in some risky situations to expose the creeps and those who are here to harm us.
        So, Dean, you may get more exposure than you think, have at ’em.

  18. MadMacs of Bytown Says:

    Don’t usually watch daytime TV but surely will record these broadcasts. Watching for that start date.

  19. Janet Says:

    Congrats on your new challenge! Hope the show will be made available to view online, as well.

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