Trudeau the Moron blows it again – blames terrorism on “resource depletion”


After this latest idiocy from Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, the only question is whether the Media Party will trot out the “What he meant to say was…” defence or admit it is futile and bring down the cone of silence:

trudeau global threat

Then again, maybe the Liberals can find another ex-staffer to take the fall like they did here for Trudeau after being exposed visiting that extremist mosque (see here)?


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  1. Liz J Says:

    If this doesn’t give pause for extreme concern for his ability to take the helm of SS Canada, there is no hope, we’re doomed.
    He’s on the same track, terrorism is all about root causes, problem is, the root causes are all about inbred hatreds and what it takes to brain wash followers of Islam, call them extremists, it matters not, they’re still a threat to world peace, world security, including our own.
    Please allow me to say TRUDEAU IS A MORON, AN IDIOT AND A DANGER TO THIS COUNTRY. Surely there are some sane people in the Liberal Party who can see this inherent, insidious threat to this country he would be as leader with his stuck on stupid attitude to a very serious issue facing the entire Western World.

  2. Clary Says:


    You can’t say it often enough.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Juthin said somthin’ dumb today?
    A day like any other.
    Tomorrow he will say two dumb things.
    Comparing him to morons is kinda unfair to morons.
    Juthin from “ridiculously good looking” to just “ridiculous”

  4. Sean M Says:

    I would laugh if it wasn’t so serious… I think what is interesting, aside from the incoherence and frightening detachment in Zoolanders ridiculous answer, is the reaction Turd Jr had when he was asked the question. Junior’s body language and facial expressions reek of arrogance and shallowness along with his obvious ignorance. Fidel’s nephew is completely out of his very shallow depth, completely unprepared and unrehearsed by his radical handlers for this question, so he shrugs his shoulders and smirks like a spoiled teenager as if the question itself is irrelevant. It’s only after this display of colossal arrogance and shallowness that he begins to hyperventilate while blathering and panting out his incoherent answer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, this moron is a threat to the well being of all Canadians, he is a dangerously stupid boy/man so detached from reality and ideologically deranged that the thought of this idiot becoming PM is positively frightening.

  5. Bec Says:

    Trudeau should really get out more, like say, to some of these countries and delve into their centuries old history? He may actually learn something, not that he wants too.

    The hatred coming from these people runs deep, their social and ingrained faith based indoctrination, unmoveable and it takes an intelligent open mind to accept that it’s real. These people mean business and they do not care that someone wants to do a touchy-feely dialogue.
    Touchy-feely IS NOT in their vocabulary or their way of life. They would kill one of their own so Trudeau should consider his position on their totem pole …as in the dirt.
    He is mind numbingly, naïve.

  6. Alain Says:

    It is what one would expect out of the mouth of Castro, in other words pure marxist rubbish and propaganda, so it doesn’t surprise me that the man-child Trudeau would parrot the same. Just the slightest bit of fact checking would reveal that the majority of terrorists are well educated and are anything but poor with some being quiet wealthy. Furthermore Islam itself calls its followers to subdue and conquer all infidels wherever possible. Terrorism is simple one of the strategies employed in the war on infidels and apostates. Apostates for them are Muslims who reject jihad and terrorism. So if one really wants to find the “root cause”, it is the ideology itself, which is totalitarian imperialism just as communism is.

  7. Beachdude Says:

    JT= NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME; it is as simple as that

  8. Dana Says:

    It just goes to show you how desperate the Liberal base is when they are willing to ignore the utter inanity of Trudeau’s remarks,
    its a good thing he looks so pretty cause there certainly is no substance there.

  9. Liz J Says:

    Ralphie Goodale standing beside Trudeau when he’s bumbling through non-answers to questions and nodding like an old fool tells us just how desperate Liberals are for power. They’ll stand by this inept jackass in full support of his obvious vacuity. He’s way out of his depth, he’s not improving, he simply doesn’t have it. The Liberals have the worst leader they’ve tried to foist on us in memory, including Dion and iggy, at least Dion had some experience and Iggy had some intellectual capacity to draw on.

  10. fhl Says:

    off topic
    who breaks into a millionaires house and takes NOTHING
    my home was invaded and robbed
    I have had to protect my home and family on my own dime
    please a home invasion is a serious crime
    but surely a millionaire can provide protection for his family

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