Sun’s Ezra Levant leads on Globe’s poll for “Biggest Canadian Broadcaster” so they then discredit results


The Globe and Mail’s online PR poll “Who’s the biggest name in Canadian broadcasting” is blowing up spectacularly in their faces but instead of gracelessly conceding, they added this to denounce the results:

Editor’s Note: The order of appearance below is based on your voting which, like all Internet polls or surveys, can be subject to organized campaigns. (see here)

It sure must suck for the self-declared “Canada’s newspaper of record” to get so publicly owned by a bunch of redneck, hillbilly Ezra Levant fans – ouch.



Huffington Post portrays Flaherty funeral costs as a Conservative partisan slight against Liberals

trudeau wells raj

The real story behind this article by Huffington Post’s Althia Raj on Jim Flaherty’s funeral service cost is how a journalist will use someone’s death to smear the Conservative government as vindictive.

Instead of comparing Flaherty’s state funeral to that of Jack Layton’s ($368,000) Raj picks Liberal Herb Gray as her standard:

The federal government spent just over $400,000 on the state funeral of former finance minister Jim Flaherty, while it spent only $2,571 on late Liberal deputy prime minister Herb Gray’s service. (see here)

I don’t support anyone getting a state funeral who doesn’t meet the strict criteria but for Raj to intentionally omit the money spent on Layton tells you everything you need to know about her personal vendetta and how low she will stoop to attack.

Also: See earlier post on Raj’s nutbar conspiracy theory that I take my direction from the PMO to go after her here

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